Expert Opinion: Can Dogs Prevent Home Break-Ins?

Expert Opinion: Can Dogs Prevent Home Break-Ins?

It is no doubt that the dog is the man’s best friend. But, the question is, will your dog protect you and your home against burglary activities? Let’s find out.

Your home dog would be the first to alert you when someone enters your property. It barks even before your installed adthome alarm system goes off.

Experts have heard different opinions about dogs as home security. Several believe the dog can guarantee protection against burglars, while some believe it depends on the dog breed. Let’s find out.

Will Your Dog Protect Your Home?

While many think their dogs will protect their homes, this is not always the case. Small dogs used as pets like the chihuahua can not protect your home when intruders invade. However, big trained dogs can scare off and battle down buglers, guaranteeing protection.

There might be a shortage of specific statistics, but several reports confirm that the presence of a dog in a home, whether big or small deters burglars from breaking into the home. However, while the small dogs will scare off burglars with aggressive barking, many burglars ignore them and break into the home.

Will a Dog-Barking Alarm Scare off Burglars?

Any dog will constantly bark when it senses or sees a visitor or intruder. When your visitor rings the doorbell, the dog will always respond by barking at them. Many burglars get scared off by the dog’s barking sounds. They would rather break-in in into a home without a dog than one with a barking dog.

Regardless of their size, the barking sound is enough to scare away potential burglars. Several studies, including the journal, done by researchers at the University of Louisville, have shown the presence of dogs in the home reduces the crime rates in the given homes. They reported 1.71% fewer crime rates in homes with licensed dogs than those without them.

Suppose a family member is allergic to pets, or you live in an apartment restricting animal pets. In that case, you can consider buying recordings that mimic dogs, like the Amazon backing dog recording on echo smart speakers.

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Best Guard Dog Types

The tendency of dogs to protect your home against burglars depends on the dog’s breed. Some have the instinct to protect the family, home, and everyone around them, while others are too friendly to protect against danger.

Below are the breeds that you can rely on for home protection.

  • German shepherd: This dog breed is a reliable protection dog popular and loved by many homeowners. They are huge, enough to scare away potential intruders, and they can also battle down home breakers. They are easily trainable and have the willingness to work.
  • Boxer: This breed is reliable security to any home. They have proven challenging to frighten and have the natural protection instinct. Besides, their alertness guarantees adequate security to your home.
  • Bullmastiff: This guard dog can learn quickly and offer the best protection. They are less aggressive but fierce when a potential danger approaches the home. Besides, they are alert and reliable.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can rely on dogs to offer home protection against break-ins. However, you must have a large dog to rely on for home protection. You also need to consider engaging the dog in frequent training to be effective in home protection. Otherwise, it might be too friendly to burglars.

Ellen Hollington

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