Some Natural Home Remedies For Longer Lashes


Eyelashes improve the appearance and personality of a woman. They love to use artificial eyelashes to bring improvement in the personality. This shows the craziness and love of women to use lash supplies for improving the appearance. It’s a fashion trend that women are well aware of it, hence they don’t wait for the results. To make eyelashes look prominent, women go for fake lashes. We know that having strong, long and gorgeous eyelashes has always been the desire of women. This is why they use artificial lashes, but there is no need to use artificial lashes when women can use natural remedies for longer lashes. Interestingly, women can use natural remedies to grow their eyelashes at home. No more false lashes are needed to use when the natural remedy is there. Let’s discuss some best remedies to grow eyelashes!

Use Vaseline

The use of Vaseline is the best thing to do for growing eyelashes. If you are serious about growing your eyelashes, then you need to follow the best remedies at home. Hence, the use of Vaseline is the best remedy to grow eyelashes. For longer eyelashes, you can apply Vaseline on lashes at night time before you go to sleep. Remove mascara and makeup from the face and use a small brush to apply Vaseline on the eyelashes softly. After applying the Vaseline at night time, don’t forget to wash your face with a face wash in the morning.

Use Silk Amino Acids

Silk amino acids are also a good choice for eyelashes that not only helps to grow eyelashes but provides strength to eyelashes. Silk amino acid is also used for improving the hair, people use it to stop hair fall as it prevents hair from damaging. Also, the hair becomes shiny and strong. This is silk amino acid is used for improving the eyelashes. You can apply it with a small brush at night time. Further, you can wash your face in the morning once the silk amino acid becomes dry.

Use Biotin

Biotin is a pill used for improving the growth of hair. It’s a natural pill that prevents hair loss and damage at a good speed. If you are looking for stronger, longer and pretty eyelashes, you can use this natural pill to get instant results. Biotin includes Vitamin B that is a smart choice for hair growth and repair. As far as the growth of eyelashes is concerned, biotin is the best choice to use. It can make your eyelashes into silk lashes that you always want to see, so never skip to use this natural pill. If you are worried about the availability of this pill, then you can visit any famous drug store to get the biotin. More importantly, don’t forget to follow the instructions for using this medicine from the bottle. Read the instructions carefully!

Use Natural Oils

Natural oils also play a smart role in improving eyelashes. Natural oil means organic oil that is available in different flavors where olive, castor, jojoba, almond and coconut oil are some of the best types of organic oil. The purpose of using natural oil is to grow the health of eyelashes along with its look and overall appearance. Nowadays, people apply these natural oils to hair for improving the growth and strength of hair. Likewise, these oils can also be applied to eyelashes. Not only the natural oils grow eyelashes but make them strong, shiny and soft. Hence, you get the best results whenever you apply natural oils on your eyelashes. Apply the oil during the night and wash your face early in the morning.

Ellen Hollington

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