Your Go-To Checklist For Rainy Day Hiking Trips

Your Go-To Checklist For Rainy Day Hiking Trips

As a new hiker, you want to ensure your hiking trip goes as smoothly as possible. Hiking in the rain requires its own special checklist for safety and protection against the wet mire. As you become more familiar with hiking, you’ll realize that while you can’t control the weather, you can control the gear you wear.

So, what is the best gear to wear for rainy-day hiking? The answer is anything that provides you with a balance of warmth and breathability; this way, you can remain comfortable and dry without becoming sweaty. Choosing weather-resistant and breathable gear is your best bet to accomplish this temperature equilibrium.

You might think that to dress for rainy-day hiking success, you must spend a lot on gear to get the benefits of hiking comfortably. While you do need to consider your options, as long as you’ve covered the essentials, such as waterproof hiking shoes, you can get away with buying less and spending less while obtaining all the benefits you need from rainy-day hiking gear. Read more specifics on planning your go-to checklist for rainy-day hiking trips.

Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Rainy-day hiking trips are chock-full of opportunities to slip and fall. To avoid these accidents, get waterproof hiking shoes with non-slip grips. Get waterproof hiking shoes with built-in drainage systems to ensure your feet stay dry even when hiking near riverbeds.

Shop for flexible and durable options that are still lightweight. You want lightweight shoes to avoid adding weight when walking uphill. Your hike should be challenging but not beyond your limitations.

A Waterproof Jacket

Wear a waterproof windbreaker jacket on a rainy-day hike. As with waterproof hiking shoes, find jacket options that contain waterproof fabric layering so that water and moisture never seep inside your jacket. Ideally, a waterproof jacket containing thermal heating and these other features will effectively achieve balance. Keep an eye out for jackets with multipurpose pockets to make hiking with belongings more convenient.

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Weather-resistant Hiking Hats

Keeping your extremities warm and dry is essential when hiking in cold, rainy weather. You’ve got your feet covered with waterproof hiking shoes, but get a water-resistant hiking hat on top of your head. Water-resistant hiking hats are the best for days you’ll be exposed to rain and moisture.

Choose adjustable options so you can increase that tightness to fit your head for warmth. To balance the warmth, make sure the hat you’ve chosen contains breathable mesh; this way, you can prevent sweat and stay comfortable. Some hiking hats also contain UV protection, which is still ideal during rainy hikes, as it can be sunny and rainy simultaneously. Try your luck at finding a hat with all four of these qualities for the best outcomes.

Get On The Right Path With Rainy-Day Hiking Gear

Prepare effectively for your upcoming rainy-day hike by ensuring you’ve got the gear you need. Achieve a comfortable balance of warming and cooling properties in your gear, and you’re headed down the right hiking path.

Ellen Hollington

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