Young Love: How Weddings Have Changed

Young Love: How Weddings Have Changed

While the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many couples to make adjustments in their wedding ceremonies, this has not stopped them from tying the knot. Couples continue to plan weddings, although smaller in terms of the number of guests. Getting married during the pandemic could also be a strategy for some couples who are on a tight budget. The current pandemic could be a safe excuse not to invite many guests.

The new generation of couples varies in taste and preferences. While some still prefer a traditional wedding and engagement proposal, others have been opting for a more modern approach to these traditions. Customized engagement rings are available for those who prefer a personalized take on customary practices.

For those who are thinking of proposing to their partners this year, there are things you need to consider before planning your proposal. The global health crisis has affected this area of our lives, and it is always best to be safe than sorry, no matter how eager we are to celebrate with many of our loved ones.

Millennials and Engagement Proposals

Along with the modernization of technology and various online trends these days, millennials have also revamped the idea of marriage proposals. Some members of this young generation of couples have been opting for less traditional methods of getting engaged. Below are some ways that millennials are changing the practices surrounding marriage proposals.

The traditional way of proposing to one’s partner was to first ask for their hand in marriage. This ceremony is often done with the future bride’s father as the future groom asks for permission. Millennials these days are observed to have been doing this less and less. This might be due to the modern belief that the couple will get married no matter who approves or not. This tradition might soon be saying goodbye to modern wedding proposals.

A lot of partners these days want to be “extra” when it comes to their wedding proposals. Partners plan extravagant and sometimes outrageous ways of asking their partners to get married. This new practice could be due to Instagram culture where people often supposedly need content for their picturesque social media feed.

Another trend that is making waves recently in modern couples is the practice of hiring secret photographers. Given all the planning involved in the whole proposal event, millennials would want their special day to be perfectly captured by a trusted photographer.

While a lot of these trends seem new and bizarre, one of the practical things that have changed in millennial weddings is the fact that they are getting married later. Millennial couples are observed to be getting married only after an average of six and a half years together.

Modern times call for modern trends. It should no longer surprise you that soon-to-be-wed millennial couples have unusual tastes and preferences when it comes to their wedding ceremonies.

2021 Marriage Proposal

Although it is common for millennial couples to have extravagant wedding proposals, the COVID-19 pandemic might have hampered this “new tradition.” Couples are no longer allowed to hold public proposals at large gatherings to avoid the spread of the virus. Destination proposals are also out of the question given the implemented quarantine protocols. While these safety protocols might have been loosening a bit due to the vaccine roll out, this does not mean that you should be complacent.

Despite staying safe from the virus, you could still make your wedding proposal a memorable and intimate memory for both of you. Here are ways how marriage proposals have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Couples who have extra money to spare might rent a private venue for their wedding proposal. At-home engagements have been popular recently but some couples may prefer a change in scenery. This also ensures complete privacy which could make your event safer from the virus.

Outdoor proposals and staycations have also become a popular choice for pandemic couples. People look for scenic spots during their hike up a mountain, their walk in the park, or as they stroll in nearby neighborhoods. These places are often much closer to home than renting a private venue so it is a more personal or intimate experience.

Partners have also been trying to incorporate their hobbies into their proposal plans. Whether it be a movie date night or a personalized crossword puzzle, partners have become more creative in finding ways to propose to their future spouses.

These are some ways that the trends in marriage proposals have shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic. The current situation has required a lot of partners to adjust to the difficult times which might have been effective in exercising their creativity.

Marriage proposals and weddings these days have changed drastically. Since the start of the pandemic, many wedding traditions have had to be postponed or canceled. While this is so, couples still push through with their wedding plans amid the crisis. After all, what is most important is the relationship of the newlywed couple.

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