Work Driving You Crazy? 4 Ways to Handle the Stress

Work Driving You Crazy? 4 Ways to Handle the Stress

Did you know that extreme workplace stress affects 40% of American employees? According to The American Institute of Stress, 25% of American workers report their job to be “the number one stressor in their lives.”

Perhaps the saddest part of this is that many people simply accept their stressed-out lives. They see no way around the stress that their job causes them, and they often do nothing to diminish or prevent it.

The truth of the matter is, however, that stress does not have to be a major part of your life, especially work-related stress. There are always ways to reduce it and handle it better.

Below, we’ve created a list of 4 proven ways to start reducing the work-related stress in your life — today.

4 Ways to Reduce Work-Related Stress

Get Outside During the day.

Getting outdoors at least once a day is a great way to reduce stress. The vitamin D you get from the sun and the fresh air circulating outside helps rejuvenate your spirit and frees your lungs from the stagnant air hanging indoors.

Sadly, many people who work in large offices and warehouses hardly ever get outside for a significant period of time. To help get your outside minutes every day, consider taking a walk on your break or lunch hour. Or, if you live close enough to work, walk or bike there.

If neither of these are options for you, you can also simply make a plan to take a walk every day after work. Even if it’s just a turn around the block, it will do your body, mind, and spirit a wealth of good.

Try CBD oil.

CBD oil has been proven effective at reducing overall stress in many people’s lives. When taken consistently, it has calming and anxiety-reducing effects.

The oil can be taken orally as an oil, or you can take CBD in other forms. You can also use it topically. Check your local Massachusetts dispensary and speak to the staff to find the best intake method for you.

Also remember that contrary to popular belief, CBD oil is not at all the same as marijuana or THC (the active ingredient in marijuana that makes you high). CBD oil only comes from the same plant as marijuana. It contains just trace amounts of THC, if any.


Create an After-Work Ritual.

Sometimes, when you have something after work that’s ready for you to look forward to, this can help you get through the day better and reduce your overall stress.

If, for example, you know that you’ve got to go home after work to an empty fridge and a messy house, this is something you might want to address. To do this, consider setting up a nice relaxing after-work hour for yourself every day.

Before you leave for work, make sure the space that you’ll be in is clean, homey, and comfortable. It can just be the corner of your bedroom or your den, for example. Plan on watching your favorite show or reading a chapter of a great book. Dress in comfortable clothes, and have a delicious snack in the fridge that’s ready for you to look forward to.

Enjoy your Mornings More.

Lastly, try avoiding that mad rush that so many people deal with every morning before work.

Instead of getting up 20 minutes before you need to run out the door, get up at least an hour early. This allows you to take your time in waking up. You can enjoy that first cup of coffee instead of chugging it down. And you can have a nice breakfast as you slowly get ready for the day.

When Stress Gets to Be Too Much, Should You Quit?

Quitting a job is something that many people consider when they start thinking about the heavy toll that work is having on their lives. Naturally, this is a serious decision that you should take your time in making.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is why you work in the first place.

Most people work so they can earn money to live their lives in the ways they choose. They work in order to enjoy life. This means that the ultimate goal of a job — or even of a career — is to live life happily and healthily.

Now, if you are not living your life happily and healthily, this should make you reflect on why you have the job you do. This isn’t to say that quitting is always the answer. It may be that changing your work role or moving to part-time work is a better response.

But if living your life has become such a difficult task because of work-related stress, it’s definitely time to do something about it. Start by using the tips above and begin moving toward a stress-free life today.

Ellen Hollington

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