William Shatner’s Amazing Hollywood Success and Massive Net Worth

William Shatner is a famous Canadian actor, director, producer and an author. He was born on 22nd March 1931. He has spent almost 7 decades in the television. Now, Shatner has earned the title of “The Cultural Icon” due to his portrayed character of James T. Kirk in the “Star Trek” franchise. As a successful author, Shatner has written a book series chronicling his personal experience of the role Captain Kirk and the experience of being a part of the Star Trek franchise. He is the co-writer of lots of novels on the Star Trek universe. He also has written a series of science fiction novels named “TekWar” which was adapted for the television series.

William Shatner Net Worth:

The Star Trek icon William Shatner has a total net worth of $100 million as of now. He is enlisted in the list “Celebrity who Spend wisely”. Shatner has got a share of a particular firm as a part of his payment while campaigning for a US-based travel website named “Priceline.com”. Some reports say that Shatner has already made $600 million from his firm.

William Shatner Life History:

Shatner was born in the Notre-Dame-de-Grace neighboring area of Montreal, Quebec in Canada. He was born to a conservative Jewish parent’s Joseph and Anne Shatner. His father was a clothing manufacturer. He has attended 2 schools “Willingdon Elementary School and West Hill High School respectively. He is an alumnus of the “Montreal Children’s Theatre”. After completing his school, Shatner attended the McGill University Faculty of Management in Montreal, Canada to pursue his graduate degree in economics. There he received a Bachelor of Commerce degree. In 2011, he received an honorary Doctorate of Letters from the university.

William Shatner is known for:

In 1951, Shatner has made his film debut in a Canadian film “Butler’s Night Off”. After that, he has acted in several films and TV series.

During 1982-86, Shatner has played the role of an eponymous veteran police sergeant in “T.J. Hooker”. During 1989-96, he also hosted a reality-based series for the television named “Rescue 911”. The show has won the “People’s Choice Award” in the category of “the favorite new TV drama series. He also has appeared in the 4th and 5th seasons of the NBC series “3rd Rock from the Sun” where he played the role of the “Big Giant head” to whom the alien characters had to report. From 2004-08, William Shatner played the role of the attorney Denny Crane in the last season of a legal drama named “The Practice”. He also played a role in the spin-off series of the said legal drama named “Boston Legal”. He has earned 2 Emmy Awards for his roles in this TV series. As of 2017, he is the part of the 2nd season of “Better Late than Never” – a comical real-life travelogue aired on NBC along with some other male companions.

During his professional career, Shatner has won several awards including a Golden Globe Award in 2005, Prism Award in 2009, Streamy Award for the best reality-based web series and many more.

William Shatner Political/Business Affiliation:

Shatner is also interested in other ventures including music, and screenwriter. He is a passionate owner, breeder, trader, rider and a horse enthusiast.

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