Will Princess Diana’s Fashion ever go out of Style?

As an unseen black and white photograph of Diana, Princess of Wales from 1988 shot by David Bailey was unveiled at Kensington Palace as part of the Life Through a Royal lens exhibition opened on 4 March, the Princess’s style seems to live on.

Source: Tatler.com

Of course I am not sure the colour of this lovely dress Princess Di wore for the portrait but let’s imagine it was green and sleeveless, the Portia & Scarlett Alana Gown on Kurteli store will suit the wearer elegantly giving you a similarly sophisticated presence at any event.

We reflect on the life of the Lady Di and her eclectic fashion sense; she selected her outfits in a manner as if to send cryptic messages with subtlety and clarity that only those who pay rapt attention can perceive. She found the power of fashion – bold and beautiful. The media and the paparazzi was obsessed with her ability to carefully tailor her outfits to whom she was meeting, where and how she was feeling so there is always something different to-behold – which they couldn’t get enough of. 

Some people might be quick to write off Diana’s fashion sense as ‘80s most millennial fashionistas are still fascinated by the colour, playfulness and comfortable dressing it brings with it.

In the late ‘90s during her trips abroad, she enjoyed getting into fresh comfy shirts with straight jeans and loafers It is no wonder her favourite timeless shirts style are available at the likes of Ralph Lauren, Gap, Budd and of course Kurteli store where you will find adorable designer outfits including shirts dresses and blazers at a fraction of the original price – at Kurteli, our business model is similar to that of TKmaxx (maybe not as big! Yet.) were are able to offer big brands at less than half the price due to our direct access to liquidation and sale clothings – all for your benefit giving you a chance to make that signature designer entrance without breaking the bank.

Ellen Hollington

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