Why You Should Buy Ethical Coffee

In today’s modern world, it can be easy to become arrogant to issues within the planet. Global pollution is just one of the devastating issues that is causing devastation to our home. ‘Green’, environmentally friendly processes are quickly becoming ‘vogue’ within the lifestyle and fashion industry – with the food and drink market struggling to compete.

Often food and drink products are charged at a far greater price than un-ethical variations. This causes consumer problems as although we may wish to be more eco-friendly, sometimes our budget will not allow us.

UK coffee subscription can often be hard to source within the UK. This in part is due to a large chunk of the coffee sector being dominated by large companies who just want to buy their coffee supplies in cheap and sell for big bucks.par
With the rise of smaller, less commercial coffee roasters coming to the forefront of UK business, it has never been easier to source ethical coffee products….. or so it may seem!

Being more ethical in our everyday lives is a blessing to the environment. Striving to encourage ‘green’ processes in order to produce fabulous, high end coffee beans. Often in these poorer countries where the climate is perfect for coffee growth, farmers are more inclined to pay for cheaper child labour – exploiting the workers of the region. We stand strongly against this process and adhere to use coffee beans which have come from well-run plantations and farms.

We believe that others within the UK would feel the same if they knew the factors involved in coffee farming. This is where Hipster Coffee can help!

Hipster Coffee use trusted, high end suppliers to bring to you a coffee which is unparsed in quality and definition. All of the coffees are available online which means our over heads are kept to a minimum, giving us the opportunity to cost our coffee at an affordable, attractive price.

Who Are Hipster Coffee?

Hipster Coffee are a NEW, exciting venture who have delved into the coffee market. Bringing fabulous, high grade coffees to the table – all of which are ethically sources from around the world!

Hipster Coffee work in harmony with coffee farmers on a global scale to bring you the highest quality of coffee bean without the use of unethically practices and exploitation of workers. Our high end coffee beans can be purchased in three different roasts or can be purchased green – perfect for those wanting to try roasting at home!

One of Hipster Coffee most sought after blends is our unique Swiss Water Decaf Coffee which offers 100% coffee flavour with 99.9% caffeine removed from the blend!

Hipster Coffee also use Eco Friendly Kraft Bags to package their coffee in. These bags are easily re-cycled so they will not cause harm to the environment.

Showcasing a fabulous range of 30+ coffees which have been source from around the world. From world-renown countries which include; Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia. The coffee beans that we source are of the highest quality in order to make you the best, Hipster Coffee available!

Take a look now at our NEW range of trendy Gourmet Coffee and place your first order today!

Ellen Hollington

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