Why More People Are Suffering from Acne During the Pandemic

Why More People Are Suffering from Acne During the Pandemic

Many people would get a pimple or two a few times a year. For women, this is a common indicator that their period is about to give them a visit. For some people, their acne is usually a sign that they are not getting enough sleep. Stress is another thing that can make your oil glands go on overdrive.

If you are experiencing breakouts during the pandemic, know that you are not alone. Many people are tired of having to deal with their acne. Even if acne is not enough to cause a serious health issue, it can be enough to compromise one’s confidence and self-esteem.

Seeing your face covered in acne can be extremely frustrating. Even if our faces are often covered in a face mask, one can’t help but feel self-conscious knowing numerous zits are in different areas of your face. This can influence the way you work, socialize with other people, and how you see yourself as a person.

During the pandemic, more people are struggling with acne. The reasons for acne breakouts can vary from one person to another. Among the common causes are as follows.

Poor Self-Care

Despite the need for improving one’s health during the crisis, many people are still taking their health for granted. They stay up late watching their favorite shows while binge-eating on their comfort food. Others indulge in unhealthy meals and fail to exercise daily.

Some people also started slacking on their skin care. Since they are now sheltering in place, they are no longer motivated to take their time to care for their skin health. Others simply find skincare to be intimidating, which did not help in their cases of acne.

There are also some people who keep on practicing bad habits that contribute to their acne breakouts. Some keep on using the wrong products in dealing with their acne. Failure to invest in tried-and-true skincare products for acne can only worsen their condition.

Some people can’t help but pop their zits. Others use too much zit cream. Some people are guilty of scrubbing their face raw thinking this will lead to smoother, acne-free skin.

Not that many people started working out more indoors during the crisis. But skipping showers after a productive workout can lead to oil and sweat clogging your pores. The same goes with not changing your blanket and pillow sheets regularly.

Pandemic-Related Stress

We may have been living under the new normal for more than one year now. But since numerous cases of people getting sick and dying are reported each day, one can’t help but fear for their own health and safety. Some people still worry about not being able to provide for the daily needs of their families.

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Others worry about the health of their loved ones who are at greater risk during the pandemic. There are also people who are still grieving over the death of their loved ones who died or are still fighting for their lives.

Many people started working remotely against their will. They are left with no choice but to abide by their company’s new rules, which is something not many people are prepared for. Since not everyone is cut out for remote work, this made them more stressed than ever.

The uncertainty of today’s trying times is enough to stress everyone. Pandemic-related stress manifests into physical symptoms. This includes skin issues like acne.

Wearing of Masks

Many people hate wearing masks. Aside from this being a barrier in communicating with other people, this also one reason many of us are sporting acne. Many people call this maskne, which is a type of acne caused by wearing masks.

Healthcare workers and other front liners are more at risk of maskne. This is since they need to make sure they are wearing tighter masks for longer periods of time. The mask rubbing against the fact and the oil and sweat swishing together often results in acne breakouts.

How you take care of your skin and how you wear your mask can also impact skin health. You need to make sure you are wearing a fresh mask each time. If you are not into disposable masks, turn to masks made from 100% cotton. Failure to keep your face clean and hydrated when wearing masks can also lead to acne.

There are but a few reasons why acne breakouts are common during the Covid-10 pandemic. People are more stressed out, are engaging in unhealthy habits, and some health and safety precautions are triggering acne. It is essential that we take greater care of ourselves and be more mindful of our practices, so we can stop acne from popping into our lives. If all else fails, we should not hesitate a professional consultation to effectively manage our skin problem.

Ellen Hollington

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