Why Is Texas Tech Called The Red Raiders?

Red Raiders

It is no wonder why Texas Tech Red Raiders gear is so popular. The Red Raiders are fantastic. They are also a part of American history. The story that shaped the team that we all know today is full of hard work and perseverance. They have played hard and trudged on through many years of wins, losses, and everything in between. They have not always been named the Red Raiders, but they have always been the pride of Texas Tech.

The Dogies

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram tried to convince the team and the rest of Texas Tech that the team mascot should be the Dogies. This was in the year 1925. Apparently, at that time, not very many people agreed with this and weren’t on board with the idea. Although not offended by the idea at all, Texas Tech remained open to ideas for a team mascot.

The Matadors

A year later, after the dogie failure, Mrs. Ewing  Young Freeland had an idea. She was the wife of the head coach of the team. The Mrs. was inspired by the Texas Tech’s campus Spanish architecture. This led her to entertain the idea of deeming the team mascot the Matadors. Everybody else seemed to love the idea so they moved forward with it and selected the school colors. On March 15th, 1926, the official colors became scarlet and black. These were the colors of a full matador’s colors, a scarlet cape, and a black costume.

The Red Raiders

In 1936 the nickname Red Raiders was born. A sports editor by the name of Collier Parrish began calling them this because of the all-red uniforms that they wore and by the way they raided across the country to play football with their coast to coast schedule. The name Red Raiders caught on very quickly and became the name they still go by today. It is also the name people love to scream “Wreck ‘Em Tech!” when they play.

The Masked Rider

The Masked Rider is the Texas Tech Red Raider mascot now. It is a masked man with a black hat riding a rather angry looking stallion. It is red with black shading for the outlines and looks awesome. However, you probably don’t need anybody to tell you this because you are already a fan. Right?

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Ellen Hollington

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