Why Is Shopping For Women’s Clothing Online The Best Option Right Now?

Why Is Shopping For Women’s Clothing Online The Best Option Right Now?


Coronavirus infection spreads via airborne droplets. The droplets coming out from the cough/sneeze of an infected person can land on a non-infected person’s face or may get inhaled by, thereby causing infection. Infection may also eventuate when a person is exposed to any infected object or surface.

When we are in such a grave situation, the priority is to curtail the risk of contagion. With the outside world growing into uncertainty, it is essential to switch our ways to ensure safety. It is crucial to exercise prudence when e-commerce is like the light at the end of a tunnel.

The advantages of e-commerce have come under the spotlight during this pandemic, and online shopping for womens have grown exponentially. During May alone, the global e-commerce sale increased by nearly about 77% than the previous year. The most significant and impactful shift has been in the clothes shopping market, apart from grocery shopping. So why are people adapting to shopping online? Let us find out.

Online Shopping Benefits For Consumers

Shopping online has become the only feasible channel, and it is considered the best option in worrying times like these because:

Convenient And Safe

Shopping from within the safety of your room is better than heading out in the Covid-infested market. Shoppers are looking for safer spaces during the coronavirus crisis. People are wary of coming in contact with others, picking up merchandise, punching buttons on the credit-card readers, pushing shopping carts, etc. and online shopping prevents all these from happening. Shopping for women’s clothing online rather than women’s clothing from retail shops ensure social distancing. It is also convenient because one doesn’t have to venture out, battle harsh weather, wait in line, and face other challenges.

Lower Prices

The cost of running an e-commerce store is comparatively less than a physical store, which means less cost incurred in production and distribution. It directly reduces the selling price, and the consumer saves a lot in the process. Online price tags are generally lower than brick-and-mortar store prices. Another unique perk of online shopping is that it also comes with various offers and huge discounts that consumers can avail easily and benefit.

Wide Variety

On the internet, consumers have a wide range of clothes and other items to choose from. Shopping for women dresses online becomes more exciting with different garments to choose from at throwaway prices. The assortment of clothes available on the global marketplace cannot be found in traditional stores.

Informed Decision-Making

The information on the product that you are willing to purchase is literally available at your fingertips. Product description, product review from a user, usage videos, product guide, social validation, and anything you ask for are available on the internet. Apart from these perks, you can access similar products and compare them. Comparison enables customers to select the best option available.

Time Saver

Time, in this world, is a rare commodity. Online shopping comes with a massive time-saving benefit to consumers, especially the people who have to invest a lot of time working from home.

Online shopping is, without a doubt, the best option for consumers. But the perks of it aren’t limited to the consumers.

Benefits Of Online Shopping For Businesses

  • The need for maintaining a physical storefront is eliminated when business plans on going online. It means a reduction in the fixed costs of production. The need for fewer staff members also makes online business cost-effective. Online promotion (social media marketing) requires less investment than offline advertising. All these cost savings, in turn, reduces the cost of the product and increases sales.
  • The goldmine that customer data is for business becomes easily accessible through online business. Customer data helps companies understand customer behavior. The demographic information that can be made available through Google Analytics allows businesses to optimize consumer journeys and the market more accurately and effectively.
  • The geographical boundary becomes inconsequential when it comes to e-commerce. The customers shopping women’s clothing online or men’s shoes online are not limited to a physical location. The reach of a business online is across the globe.
  • There are no time restrictions, like in the case of physical stores. An online business stays open 24/7 throughout the year. Whether your customer support is available for the time being or not, automation allows the other part of the sales process to function and flow. Consumers also have the advantage of buying anytime, from anywhere.



This pandemic has accelerated the ratio of people shopping virtually. If you are already shopping online, now is the time to be thoughtful about the businesses you’re supporting. Sites like Myntra, Amazon, etc. may be convenient options, but one should look forward to helping independent online stores like Femminesque and Missguided. Injecting money in these businesses ensures an economic boost.

Ellen Hollington

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