Why Is It Important To Do Sports?

Why Is It Important To Do Sports?

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise prevents health problems; increases strength, increases energy, and can help reduce stress. It can also help maintain a healthy body weight and reduce appetite.

Experts recommend that young people generally do 60 minutes or a little more of moderate physical activity, exercise is good for all parts of the body and mainly for the mind. Exercise causes the body to produce chemicals that make us happy and have absolute peace of mind. Exercise helps someone to sleep better. It also helps people who have or suffer from depression or have low self-esteem 꽁머니.

Most people who do sports or physical activity burn calories and look more toned than those who do not. The important thing about exercising is maintaining a healthy weight. Exercising to maintain a healthy weight reduces the risk of developing certain diseases; overweight, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, etc. These diseases commonly occur in adults and are currently becoming common in adolescents and young people.

Carrying out any type of sports activity, at least twice a week, helps us to have a healthier and more balanced life, and it also serves to distract us from everyday life.

Benefits Of Doing Sports

  1. Soccer: stimulates character, motivation, teamwork, competitive spirit.
  2. Baseball: discipline, respect, competitive behavior.
  3. Swimming: heart health, relaxation.
  4. Basketball: agility, timing.

In conclusion, exercise implies several physical advantages, it does not matter what sport you do but take advantage of what you most enjoy doing.

Muscle Strength and Endurance

Muscle strength is the ability of the muscle to generate tension, and therefore to overcome an opposing force. Muscular endurance is the ability of the muscle to maintain its contraction for a long period of time, so that your body will be able to endure much longer and without much effort. Without a doubt, good preparation is the key to success.

That is why muscle strength and endurance activities can be practiced in different ways. Doctors recommend, especially young people, always work with your own weight. Do activities such as rope jumping, climbing or running among others. There is also the possibility of training with the weight of a partner. With activities like playing wheelbarrow, pulling the rope, etc. Or train only with activities such as throwing a medicine ball, rowing, gym, holding or pushing something, carrying objects, etc.

In order not to turn the benefits of physical activity into something harmful, you have to progress slowly. If you have not done strength activities for a long time, start with gentle efforts to avoid injuries. It should be remembered that excessive force work can be harmful in childhood. As we have commented before, the body is developing and the growth plate must be protected.


Although this aspect depends a lot on each person, it can also be trained. Flexibility is the ability of the joints to perform movements with the greatest possible amplitude. Flexibility does not generate movement, it makes it possible.

One of the sports that can help you with your flexibility is Yoga. This sport brings you infinite benefits and is being practiced by more and more people. Through a series of positions that follow one another without pause, you exercise all the muscles of the body and gain flexibility. Without a doubt, it provides you with infinite benefits of physical activity.

Other ways to gain more flexibility are; dancing, bowling, rubber bands, gymnastics, karate, etc.), doing specific stretching exercises directed by a professional, etc. As in the previous physical activities, to train flexibility you have to do it progressively since otherwise you can break. It should be emphasized that it takes some time to appreciate progress. You also have to be constant, otherwise flexibility is lost, and at the same time decreases with age. Finally, you have to avoid painful sensations, stretch slowly, without bouncing or jerking.

Coordination activities help you improve; your body balance, the perception of the body in space and spatial coordination, eye-foot and eye-hand coordination. All these coordination activities help us a lot. For example, they prevent falls and accidents and are very important for physical and mental development.

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