Why Breastfeeding Gives your Child the Best Start in Life


There is no doubt that ‘breast is best’ when it comes to feeding your baby, and for the first 6 months, your child will receive all of the essential nourishment they require. Of course, breastfeeding can be a little inconvenient, yet opting for powdered milk is not the answer, as the properties of the powdered milk are not the same as those of mother’s milk.

UNICEF Backing

If ever you wanted some cast iron proof that breastfeeding gives a baby the best start in life, UNICEF are telling mothers all over the world to breastfeed, and the exhaustive research shows that mother’s milk contains everything a baby needs, and substitutes are all lacking in something.

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Boosts Brain Development

Research tells us that babies that are fed breastmilk by mum have properly developed brains, in line with their age, and if you are reluctant to breastfeed when out and about, have a look at the Bebitza breastfeeding Covers that are offered by a top Australian company. These nursing covers are designed for the new mum who wants to feed her baby now, and this will make life so much easier. Aside from the nursing covers, the online baby product supplier would have an attractive selection of mittens and baby wraps, and they are anti-bacterial to keep baby safe from germs.

Kickstart the Immune System

Mother Nature has everything covered and there are certain enzymes in mother’s milk that kickstart baby’s immune system, which is critical. A baby who feeds on bottled milk will still develop their immune system, but it won’t get the boost that mother’s milk provides, and you can breastfeed your baby for up to 2 years if you wish. Most mothers cease after 6-8 months, which is ideal, and with the right accessories, feeding baby is as easy as it could be.

Benefits for Mum

Breastfeeding is also beneficial to mum, as the constant supply of milk is said to help prevent forms of cancer and studies show that you are less likely to suffer a heart attack if you breastfeed. Plus, the increased metabolic rate helps new mums to remove flab around the midriff, so all in all, breastfeeding is the best way to feed your infant baby, at least for the first 6-8 months.

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Decline in Natural Breastfeeding

This is due to the efforts of the baby milk manufacturers, who do not highlight the positives of breastfeeding, for obvious reasons, and then there is the fact that breastfeeding in public is not fully accepted in society. This is another factor that could influence a new mum’s choices when it comes to feeding, yet there are solutions in the form of fashionable nursing covers, which can be found with the online supplier.

There’s no reason why you should not give your baby the very best start in life, and with UNICEF’s powerful message to women around the world, there’s no other way to go that breastfeeding. Invest in a few top-quality nursing covers and feeding baby will be a pleasure, and the online supplier has a whole host of baby essentials to help you through the first couple of years mothering.

Ellen Hollington

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