Where To Find The Best Red Raider Gameday T-Shirts

Red Raider

You love your team! Want to know where to get the best gameday t-shirts? Well, if you’re a Texas Tech Red Raider fan, you are in luck! Nobody knows how to make Red Raider apparel better than Red Raider Outfitter. And when it comes to game day, it takes the real fans to bring that winning support that helps win games over and over again. We make the shirt that Jones Stadium wears. This is the shirt we have for you.

Wreck ‘Em Tech 2020

In the early 1990s, Red Raider Outfitters started a trend in the Texas Tech stadiums. “Wreck ‘em Tech!” It didn’t take long for the University to adopt this phrase for itself and now it is a tradition year after year. Now when the fans are looking for an authentic gameday t-shirt they know where to go. Over the years before and for many years to come we will be bringing our awesome apparel to the true fans that are passionate about our team and want to show the world how awesome they are.

Face Masks

Yes, 2020 has been a crazy year. With the COVID 19 pandemic happening, riots, protests, and fires there has been a lot of chaos and uncertainty. At least there is a little bit of comfort in knowing that football season hasn’t been cancelled…yet. You can still support your team and look great doing it. We have a nice collection of Red Raider face masks and face mask/shirt combinations so you can match.

Under Armor Sideline Gear

You can get the best of the best when it comes to Red Raider gear and accessories.  We have a collection of the slickest looking sideline gear that is built to last and endure. Since it is a team effort with Under Armor you know you’re going to score with quality and style.


True fans like to flaunt their team. How cool is it that you can do that with stuff like keychains, hats, belts, and other trinkets. Just because the country seems like a big mess right now, doesn’t mean you have to be down and out. Go ahead and show up for your team and let them know you’re still around. Let everybody know, for that matter.

Give the Great Gift

You know that one person that already has everything, or else it seems like they do. Let them choose their own gift, but let them know you’re thinking about them with a gift certificate from Red Raider Outfitter. There are so many items to choose from when you shop our online store you could spend hours just looking at it all.


It is going to be a tough football year for all of the teams both NFL and College. All of the players are going to need your support, so be there for them. Cheer them on and keep your spirits high. This game has been around for a long time and it’s not going anywhere soon so keep on watching and cheering it all on.

Ellen Hollington

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