What To Wear Under Sheer Clothing

Sheer Clothing

See-through clothes are great for wearing during the unbearably hot months of summer and the truth is summer clothes are simply ranked according to how opaque they are. As the months get hotter and hotter, a lot of people face a common problem in choosing whether they want slightly sheer clothes or almost transparent.

However, not all sheer clothes are made equally transparent and you need to pick out the right outfit to wear under your sheer clothing. If you’re wondering how to do this, you should not worry too much as it is a common challenge that common street goers to Hollywood celebrities have to deal with.

Here is a list of some outfits you can wear beneath your see-through blouse or any other sheer clothing you might have on for the day.

Street Style Sheer Dress

If you have a sheer net overcoat in your wardrobe, you can wear it over a simple crop top and pair of jeans such that it looks like a sheer kimono. This combination should give you a good sense of street fashion and some sass to match it.

Sheer Shirt or Blouse

A see-through blouse or shirt is almost a mandatory clothing item you should have for every summer. The thing about sheer shirts is that some have gaping buttonholes that might prove too revealing. However,  a simple and light tank top should keep your skin covered and cool even when it is really hot outside.

See-Through Floral Dress

A sheer dress embroidered with floral patterns and designs is a stunning piece of clothing. You can wear a sheer floral dress under a mini frock with a muted tone to make the floral patterns stand out. Another advantage to this sheer outfit is that the floral patterns tend to make the outfit a lot less revealing than it would otherwise be.

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Bareback Crochet Blouse

There are very few clothes in this world cuter than a shoulder-baring top. Make it backless and see-through and a girl will have little choice but to grab it. Its crochet nature may, however, leave certain loops that are probably too big for comfort. A strapless, plunging bodysuit beneath the backless crochet blouse should do well to make sure you’re covered.

Casual Sheer Dress

A see-through black tunic is just about every girl’s desire for their wardrobe. Wearing one over a fitted plain dress or a simple vest and shorts should make for a really cool and sexy outfit to wear during lunch dates.

Final Thoughts

In a perfect world, you might not be compelled to wear anything under your see-through blouses or any other sheer clothing you might have. Despite the many efforts put in by the free-the-nipple campaign of encouraging more women to go bare or braless, the truth is we are not quite just there yet.

As you wear your sheer outfits, make sure you wear them with confidence and fearlessness. Do not be afraid to try out new looks or flaunt your skin. However, try not to wear weird color combos or you might compromise your overall style.

Ellen Hollington

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