What To Look For In Custom Feather Flags For The First Timers

What To Look For In Custom Feather Flags For The First Timers

This might be your very first experience with feather flags, and you know nothing about this mandatory promotional tool. In layman’s terms, feather flags are tall and narrow flags used by businesses to place around events, trade show booths, and properties for drawing attention quickly to something that they want to advertise. They are also known as feather banners.

These flags hold minimalistic text and imaging but can move with the wind to grab the attention of others, whether indoor or outdoor. Some of the other names given to the same product are razor flags, sail flags, flutter flags, wind flags, and more. Each feather flag is well-attached to the pole, and you can get this pole in multiple heights.

Each one of those poles will have a base option to plant the custom feather flags firmly to the ground. Right from the X-bases to ground stakes, water bases, and more, there are plenty of base options that you can choose to go with the flag. If you are able to use feather flags effectively, these will turn out to be effective marketing tools.

Reasons to Use the Customized Versions:

Now, there you have some standard feather banners available widely around the market, but still, most businessmen would like to go for the customized version and for some good reasons. It is because of their branding art, which they want to stand out in the crowd.

  • In the field of advertising, a symbol is one effective form to convey any message.
  • Through proper associations and repetition, these flags can provide a great impact on the viewer as well.
  • For example, you have the business logo, which remains as a symbol of your firm. Using the banners, signs, and feather flags with proper image association can evoke one powerful message for anyone to watch out for.

Choose the Right Location for Maximizing Visibility:

There are versatile uses of feather banners, but only if you know how to improve their visibility. For that, selecting the right location will work out great for you. For any kind of promotional campaign, location is what you need to consider. Make sure to put them anywhere with higher foot traffic and to hit that wider audience. It must be the entranceway of your tradeshow or around your business’s vicinity.

  • But, not everyone is lucky enough to have the best business location to improve foot traffic.
  • So, be sure to take time and observe the areas where people are coming from and how they are able to see the feather banners.
  • Other than the vicinity of your retail business, you can use these feathers when you have events, mainly at community festivities and at trade shows.
  • These events are the main places where these flags truly shine. And with the name of your company or the logo at the top, you cannot expect anything less.

So, make sure to focus on these points whenever you are aiming to use feather banners to their full potential.

Ellen Hollington

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