What Questions Can You Ask A Bicycle Accident Attorney?

What Questions Can You Ask A Bicycle Accident Attorney?

You never know what kind of accident is awaiting you on that evening that you planned to go for a bicycle ride with your friends. In most cases, bicycle accidents can be severe when they happen on major roads with high-speed moving vehicles. In that case, your priority should align to looking for a bicycle accident attorney in Kent who can lodge a winning compensation complaint with an insurance firm, or other involved parties.

When you meet with your bicycle accident attorney, what questions can you ask him? Remember, you’ll need the right questions to gauge if the lawyer will be of help. Here are some questions that you can prepare to ask:

Area of specialization?

Many law firms advertise their services over the internet, which is a good thing since the internet has become a mass communication tool to reach as many people as possible. So you’ve scheduled a meeting online and planned for a physical meeting. When the attorney shows up, don’t you first want an affirmation on his area of specialization before proceeding? Well, you can ask that question and find out.

What kind of experience?

The attorney can specialize in what your case demands, but does he have the right experience for a technical compensation case? Well, don’t wait for the attorney to tell you about his background, you can rightly proceed to inquire about it. For instance, you can ask if he has handled similar cases, and he’ll probably be more than glad to share his experiences in the corridors of justice.

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How much does he charge?

Since many bicycle accident attorneys will operate on a contingency basis, you must find out about their pricing quite early. For instance, you need to ask about the percentage he’ll probably retain. A competent lawyer will do a rough estimate of the compensation to expect and also indicate his share in the same. You must avoid disputes or additional court proceedings simply because you never agreed on a percentage.


Is your attorney available all the time you’ll need him? If multiple parties are involved in the accident, you should expect to witness a lot of drama. In some cases, even the insurance lawyers may want to play you dirty without the knowledge of your attorney. It should be no surprise when they show up at your home with low ball compensation promises if you drop the case. Well, find out if your lawyer will be available at such times to protect you and give his legal services accordingly in terms of advice and injunctions.

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Can the case proceed to court?

It is also no surprise that most compensation cases move up to court level because insurers are well known to play hardball when it comes to remitting compensation. So, is your case likely going to proceed up to court litigation level? After sharing the particulars of the accident with a bicycle accident attorney, he should be in a position to tell you the likely outcome of everything. It would help if you asked this question to prepare psychologically for the same. And most importantly, you should know if the case is going to take long so that you see look for an alternative way of taking care of the medical bills.

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