What Kind Of Wedding Dress Should You Buy?

What Kind Of Wedding Dress Should You Buy?

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The year 2022 brings new expectations of brides from esteemed designers as the market for weddings is booming. Take for reference the saree lehenga design that just started trending on social media. This is a perfect fit for a newlywed bride. Bridal gowns and lehenga styles are flooding the industry of ethnic fashion.

With the never-ending situation of covid, we should start living with it now and carry on with the wedding with extreme care. From intimate weddings to big fat functions every kind of occasion demands a dreamy dress. But before buying your fairytale dress consider a few things listed below:

  • Your Budget

Your budget is the most important aspect to consider before buying your dream gown. Certain brands offer expensive outfits, however, the fabric isn’t what you’ve been expecting to belike or they make the same old designs every year. On the contrary, certain studios offer competitive prices with high-quality fabric and embroidery.

And sometimes, to your surprise, high-quality outfits can be expensive as well. The dress you like might not fit your expenses and the affordable ones might not always be pretty good. So set your budget accordingly and go for the dress the suits you and your pocket.

  • The Kind Of Wedding You Are Willing To Have:

The kind of wedding you’re going to have matters here as your dress heaviness and color contrast has to compliment the whole venue and atmosphere as well. Intimate weddings demand simple yet subtle lehenga, gowns, and sarees. Grand weddings demand shiny, heavily embroidered, bridal lehengas and gowns.

In the daytime, prefer wearing light-colored breezy lehengas and dark shiny heavy lehengas for night occasions.

  • The Fabric For Your Dress

Every fabric has its own charm. Let’s talk about velvet for a second here, the significance it brings during winters is soothing to the eyes. Raw silk is as subtle as the south Indian queen there is. Georgette embroidered lehengas and bridal gowns are charming to the eyes. Choose the fabric according to the event type, day or night time, season, and venue. Fabric matters a lot as it’s the main highlight of the wedding.

  • Buy the Heels Before The Dress

Heels will actually help you figure out the length of the gown and if it’s going to take the heaviness of your outfit. Buy shiny yet chic heels that you can wear even with your other bridal outfits later. And it has to be comfortable for your foot because you’ve to wear it for the whole duration of the function.

  • Research Well For Your Kind Of Dress

Trends are happening at the glimpse of an eye and brides expect new designs and styles every year. Keep on surfing on the internet what kind of dress suits your style and how’re you going to get it stitched. DollyJ offers new styles of bridal gowns just for you.

Now let’s talk about the kind of dress you should buy considering all the factors mentioned above. There are new trends in the market that might harm you.

  • The Lehenga Saree

Lehenga saree trend isn’t really new however, its improvisation with time is. You can consider wearing it at your wedding reception or at dinner with in-laws. The red color is the most in the demand right now. All you have to do is drape the dupatta on your shoulders from your waist and you’re good to go. A simple natural makeup look and open curly hair would go best with this attire.

  • Feathers On The Sleeves

Feather on the sleeves of the gowns looks ravishing and jaw-dropping. The irresistible attire is pocket-friendly and will light up the night of the ceremony. You wouldn’t have to worry about anybody looking better than you because this dress is your complete savior. Imagine yourself walking down the aisle in this gown and having a grand entry like Bollywood celebrities, buy designer bridal lehenga online right now or regret later.

  • Capes on the Dress

Imagine yourself walking down the aisle with a long cape behind you on the floor. It’ll be the gossip of the night trust me. Not many brides try this regal look like a fear of getting laughed at. But this is once in a lifetime opportunity, buy that dress you’ve been longing for without any fear of embarrassment. Feel like a queen with a long cape attached to your shoulders and let nobody take the shine of night from you.

  • Strapless Gowns

The boldest yet fashion-forward gown of the night is the strapless gown of DollyJ. Whenever our brides wear this dream bridal gown it’s almost irresisti8ble not to buy the dress. Not everyone can pull off such boldness but we’re sure you can. For a barbie a feel opt for this attire as you won’t regret buying it later. Your partner will be awe-struck by seeing you in the dress feeling he married just the right girl and the most beautiful girl there is.

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