What is the best wrinkle treatment and how do eye wrinkles come from?

Have you found that the eye is the most prone place for aging on the face? This is closely related to the physiological structure of the eyes. What are the physiological characteristics of the skin around the eyes? First, the skin around our eyes is very thin, only 0.04mm. Secondly, there are very few sweat glands and sebaceous glands around our eyes, so the skin around our eyes is very dry. For example, we often hear people say that the T zone is greasy and the skin is oily, but no one says the skin is oily around their eyes, right? Third, eyes are the biggest places on the face, with an average of 2-2.5 blink per day. In summary, have you noticed that the skin around your eyes is thin, dry and fragile? Because of these reasons, wrinkles, pouches, dark circles and so on are easy to appear, so the eyes become the fastest aging place on the face.

The causes of wrinkles are: (1) Physiological aging, that is, as long as one becomes aging, his skin metabolism will slow down, and skin tension and elasticity will be weakened. And this will lead to wrinkles. The earlier maintain the wrinkle, the better will be the effect. (2) There are people who often do facial expressions of the skin. In fact, people who love to laugh skin is easy to wrinkle, often make eye muscles repeatedly contraction and wrinkles. This is also called expression lines. (3) There are also many young people will appear wrinkles, and the normal skin around the eye moisturizing is not in place has a direct relationship, dry and lack of water resulting in dry lines appear or even deepen. (4) Some people often stay up late, lack of long-term sleep, wrong skin care practices and skin care concepts. These will also cause wrinkles.

There are wrinkles at your eyes, what can we do? To solve the problem is also from two aspects. First of all, for one who has had wrinkles for a long time and has been a deep genuine wrinkle. It is really helpless to deal with this kind of wrinkle through external use of things. If you want to solve it, you can only solve it through micro-rectification and other medical interventions. The general effect is quite good, such as filling, embedding and so on, which are all relatively good choice. To solve eye wrinkles, we need to have specific analysis and pertinence.It’s no wonder more people are turning to Botox. They are even getting botox training to fully appreciate the procedure.
For pseudo wrinkles, as long as we solve dry lines and fine lines. And the Wrinkle Treatment Machine can be eliminated once you do a good job of eye skin care, moisturize your skin around the eyes, and repair the dry lines that already formed. As long as you do a good job of eye maintenance at ordinary times, then you can solve it before the eye does not form true wrinkles. However, if you do not pay attention to daily eye care, you can only solve it by micro-cosmetic means once it turns into the true wrinkles. In fact, prevention is better than cure for the wrinkles. This is just like human diseases, the process of prevention is very cumbersome, but it is better to go to hospital after getting illness. So what we can do is to solve dry lines, fine lines and false wrinkles, do a good job of eye skin care, moisturize the skin around the eyes, and repair the dry lines that already formed. For the appearance of fine lines, the most important thing is to do a good job in peacetime moisturizing to prevent, and to improve it since it is not serious. Otherwise, you will have nothing to do with it in future.

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Ellen Hollington

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