What Are the Reasons to Choose Vaser Liposuction Over Other Cosmetic Procedures?

What Are the Reasons to Choose Vaser Liposuction Over Other Cosmetic Procedures?

As you might surmise from their name, both vaser and traditional liposuction methods draw out fat with the use of a suction tube. However, before that, the surgeon first must break the fat cells up, and that’s where the two techniques differ.

Traditional Liposuction Process

Before the liposuction treatment, a patient receives local anesthesia or general anesthesia if the space is small enough. The treatment itself begins with the physician making a small incision through which a cannula enters to reach the layer of deep fat. It’s important, as working on the superficial layer carries greater risks of causing skin injury. The cannula will move back and forth to break the fat cells up from the patient’s tissues, which a vacuum device then will suction out of the body and inside a flask. In an additional method referred to as Tumescent, a surgeon injects fluid using a salt solution, epinephrine, and anesthesia to the layer of fat. The epinephrine decreases the loss of blood by constricting the blood vessels, whereas the salt solution will make it more convenient for the cannula to extract that fat.

Vaser Liposuction Process

Before the treatment, the physician injects a patient with a local anesthetic and saline solution that reduces bruising and minimizes loss of blood. Also, the fluid makes the space wet and fills it for the fat deposits to be simpler to break up. Vaser liposuction, in contrast to the traditional technique, utilizes a probe that transmits ultrasound energy, breaking up the fat in a delicate manner. The probe’s vibration loosens up the fat cells then emulsifies them using the fluid. The tissues that surround the area stay intact because vaser liposuction does not require a cannula to break up the fat, whose movement in traditional lipo may cause tissue trauma. If you’re looking for a professional way to get rid of unwanted fat, visit site here.

Benefits Of Each Lipo Procedure

Each procedure has its own cons and pros, but what might be beneficial to some people might be the opposite for you. Assess the following information to gain a sense of the primary differences of each procedure but consult your healthcare provider for professional advice.

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Traditional Lipo Procedure

This method is perfect for candidates who have a higher BMI, and a massive quantity of fat that needs removal. Also, traditional lipo is the worldwide standard that generally provides good results. If you have a reputable surgeon who has skilled hands, it’s possible to accomplish the outcome you want without having to go for any of those liposuctions that have fancy names.

Vaser Lipo Procedure

Patients may undergo vaser liposuction when awake, and it typically ends in one to several hours. Vaser liposuction is a minimally invasive treatment, so the time for recovery is substantially shorter than that with traditional liposuction. This procedure results in less bruising, pain, and bleeding. Patients immediately can go home after and recover for half a day. They’ll need to take it easy and avoid any vigorous activity for 2 – 3 weeks, yet it’s still preferable to weeks or even months of inflammation and pain.

Always be certain that you speak with your physician before you undergo any kind of liposuction procedure. Your healthcare professional will determine which option is more suitable for your health and level of fitness.

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