Western Clothes are comfortable.

Western Clothes are comfortable.

Western dress is a group of men and women’s clothing which is derived from Western culture. A clear trend is being witnessed among women who are working in many different places to dress in a western attire. Western wear has influenced a large group of people.

Every new style which comes into fashion is seen in today’s youngsters’ wear. But in today’s changing trend, ethnic don’t  have a strong position. Ethnic wear and wearing Cotton sarees can be seen rarely in today’s time on some special occasions and festivals or in graduation ceremonies, convocation ,college functions etc. But have you realized why this fashion trend has changed from ethnic to Western.

Comfort feeling is very important for everyone. Comfortable clothes when we wear, enjoy every moment and feel good and comfortable. According to a personal experience we know that Western clothes are the most comfortable outfit to wear. It is easy to carry and makes you feel comfortable in doing any kind of work.

Women’s western wear is broadly classified into two different categories :

casual western wear dresses and formal western wear dresses.

And the most trending fashion category is casual western wear. Formal western wear is used in corporate sectors like offices and banks for Indian formal events or occasions. Whereas casual western wear has covered the market as it can be used for any time wear. We have more options in western wear rather than any other traditional wear.

Casual western wear outfits are very comfortable and can be worn all year round. Also you get more scope of movement in western dresses.

Some of the comfortable western dresses are which can be worn around the year

  • Dresses
  • Coats, shrugs
  • Jackets, blazers
  • Shirt
  • Tops, tunics
  • Skirts
  • Pants, Trousers
  • Shorts

Western wear is the preference for working women as you can move around freely, work in any sector and do any kind of job. You can also feel comfortable while working in a shift of 10 to 15 hours. Whereas in other wear such as Indian wear it’s not possible to work in any sector wearing Indian attire.

Comparison between western wear and Indian wear have always been a topic of debate. Somewhere we all know that most of us prefer western clothes over Indian or other clothes. The main reason for this is their comfort and ease of carrying.

In most parts of the world people consider Western clothes as the most comfortable clothes as they can do their daily work wearing Western attire and it is also very comfortable in their official work or while at home chore. They go for western wear in their daily life.

Comfort has two definitions: it should feel soothing while touching it and second is it should be comfortable in moving around or moving freely. Western clothes can satisfy both criteria of comfort on a very good note. Some people have a different opinion regarding Western clothes. They feel other countries are getting influenced by Western culture so they are adopting the Western clothes but the main reason why today the majority of people are opting for western clothes is because of their comfort and ease.

Also while travelling we can realize that it is easy to carry Western clothes and not the other traditional clothes. It is easy to carry and occupies less space and packaging and you can carry more clothes in your bag whereas when you go for another attire it occupies more space and it is not easy to carry or handle. It requires good maintenance.

In our daily lives to realize that going for a western dress is easy and we have more options in it to select from. While if we go for other dresses we don’t have many options to choose from, and it follows a particular pattern of clothing. But it is the opposite in case of western wear.

Nowadays we can see that many educational institutes, offices, corporate sectors and other fields have their uniform, a type of western wear. This is all because of its comfort and ease.

However the opinion may vary from person to person regarding the clothing. Many people give preference to their traditional clothes and dress up in their daily life. But the majority of people have the same opinion that Western clothes are more comfortable than other clothes and they go for western clothes in their daily life and also in their working time and official work.

It is a constant topic of debate but Western clothes are considered the most comfortable clothes by maximum people living in different parts of the world and we all know that it is easier to carry and comfortable than any other cloth and we can easily wear it on any occasion in our daily life on a regular basis.

Ellen Hollington

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