Ways for Newlyweds to Celebrate an Anniversary in 2021

Ways for Newlyweds to Celebrate an Anniversary in 2021

Are you one of those people who had FOMO in 2020, from an unfolding episode of unexpected realistic and trendy happening, marriage? Did you also have to reconsider pushing your marriage day to some time in  2021, you must be bummed out? If you were one of those crazies from Bollywood who dream of the perfect wedding as soon as they know to speak, or you were among those who were sturdy and needed convincing for getting married, you all had a tough time. Even in such times people all over are tying the knot, many overcrowded weddings lead to unwanted and doomed circumstances. Many were dealing with the destination wedding squeezing to 50 people. Anyways the time is through, and all those who could manage and trusted their fate and went on with weddings are now celebrating their first anniversaries. Seeing how tough your year and marriage has been, you deserve a pleasant anniversary celebration with your loved ones. Don’t worry if you are one of those who had the hardest time with their families the past year we have ideas for you to go away to your dreamland.

From your marriage anniversary cake to candlelight dinner, from your lavish party to your romantic getaway get ideas for newlyweds to celebrate their anniversaries.

You were not planning on missing out on the anniversary cake were you; no one does it’s the grandest tradition ever. On this note, you may try going for red velvet or a chocolate cake, a coffee one or a fruit one. Fondant and designer cakes are also an option. And for return gifts, you can get customised cupcakes for every day. If you choose a reliable online bakery, you may find it all there, reducing your hunt.

  • Dinner at A Fav Restaurant

All couples have the go-to place that they like to hang out at whenever they want to get away from the chaos or dwell in the flavour of their cosy relationship. However, on anniversaries couples decide on going to new places which often leads to disappointment. Stick to your fav place for this anniversary, and if it’s not been long since you have hung out together, you may go cafe hopping and find the perfect one.

  • Legit Honeymoon

Scared for the environment if your honeymoon turned out to be one of those inconsiderable ones, it’s your time to go for a real honeymoon now that everything’s open and thriving. If you had researched for the perfect place and booked the tickets, you can go to the same place again. And if you are deciding on a destination within India, Andaman and Nicobar islands could be great. Manali, Mumbai and goa also aren’t bad options.

  • Family Dinner

If your wedding wasn’t how you dreamed it would be, if it was not about a grand destination and a bunch of shouting screening friends, dancing kids and naughty sisters you would die to have it all once again. So plan a trip or a dinner with your entire family and call everyone to have a grand time. Go to a nice family hotel, have a great time or schedule a mini trip with everyone.

  • Candlelight Dinner

New couples are often shy whenever it’s an arranged marriage. They don’t get enough time and courage to open up to each other and explore their personalities. With your anniversary make the first mood, cook for your partner, dress nicely, have a bouquet, light some scented candle, put out some potpourri, bring a wine bottle, put on some music and let the vibe flow.

Are you excited about your first wedding anniversary or is it nervousness that has overpowered you? Keep aside your worries and plan and implement the perfect anniversary.

Ellen Hollington

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