VIP Junket – An Elite Vacation In The Best European Cities From The Storm International Company

VIP Junket

VIP junket is a luxurious vacation that combines gaming entertainment, exquisite relaxation and the opportunity to get acquainted with European capitals sights, as well as learn more about different countries culture. Storm International owns a network of popular Shangri La complexes neye, which host guests at a high level in Tbilisi, Yerevan, as well as in the capital of Belarus.

An original vacation is planned to the smallest detail so that each client is satisfied and receives only pleasant impressions of the spent time. VIP junket from Storm International differs from cruises and standard excursion programs. Clients plunge into the casino tour atmosphere, receive a lot of vivid emotions, meet interesting people, feeling themselves as a part of elite society. Such trips open access to pleasures that only royal people can afford.

Shangri La is the best casinos in Belarus and Georgia in terms of popularity and quality of provided services. Elite and comfortable complex Shangri La Yerevan is one of the largest entertainment gaming centers, which is located as close to the center of the capital as possible. The units in Tbilisi and Minsk are VIP complexes where the service is provided at the highest level.

What Services Are Included In Junket

The organization of VIP vacations is planned according to a specific plan, so that guests feel care and comfort. Darren Keane, Shangri La executive director, points out the condition for the client to purchase chips. The company takes full care of the leisure organization and the other services provision at its own expense, which includes:

  • round way tickets organization to the capital of any state and vice versa (the service is provided upon chips purchase for a certain amount);
  • meeting guests after arrival;
  • transfer;
  • apartments in the building where the casino is located, or in an elite hotel room;
  • a varied cuizines and drinks, including branded alcohol and cocktails;
  • interesting excursions in the capital and beyond;
  • assistance in booking tickets for entertainment events, as well as tables in restaurants;
  • Arrangement of transfer to the airport on the departure day.

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Customers just have to enjoy the game on the acquired chips and enjoy other advantages of the elite place. The money won becomes the visitor’s property, due to which the acquiring tour cost is partially or fully paid off.

Benefits Of Every Shangri La Unit

The Michael Boettcher’s Shangri La complexes are located in areas with the most developed infrastructure, in a picturesque corners of several capitals. Each of the complexes is decorated in an unusual design style, so that customers would be comfortable not only playing, but also spending time in a beautiful place to relax. VIP units in different cities have their own characteristics, which are worth considering in detail.

Shangri La Yerevan

It was opened in 2009 at the Pharaon center and takes first place in the network by area, and is distinguished by restrained luxury. The casino is just 2 km away from the capital of Armenia, as places for gambling are forbidden to be opened within the city. The main hall is located on the complex territory, 41 gaming tables are equipped, as well as a special room with 341 slots. The building has a club for poker players and a special VIP-club X. O. Players can spend time in the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant or in bars, of which there are as many as three. It is especially nice that you do not have to pay for parking if you are a casino customer.

The Pharaon complex also has a spa center, indoor and outdoor pools, halls for concerts and banquets.

Shangri La Minsk

Opened in 2009 and the most titled unit of the network, seven times awarded as the best gambling complex in Belarus. The building is smaller in size than the Yerevan casino but located in the capital center. Wealthy junket tour clients spend time there, so the club is considered a closed VIP place.

The casino has a restaurant under the leadership of the famous Mark Ulrich, who is  famous author’s cuisine chef. The complex hosts not only games, but also receptions and other events. Customers can participate in super games, attend concerts and shows.

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Shangri La Tbilisi

The casino is located in the most beautiful area of the Georgian capital. The luxurious complex is located near the highlight of the city – the Bridge of Peace and only 20 minutes from the international airport. The casino received the Golden Brand award three times as the best gambling complex in the country.

Shangri La Tbilisi is a famous holiday destination for foreigners who value comfort. Here you can often see guests from Turkey, Azerbaijan and some eastern countries where there is no gaming business units and entertainment complexes of such proportions.

Each Shangri La casino offers elite level services and the opportunity to participate in international games. The client receives the best service and the opportunity to discover the various camps culture. Welcome!

Ellen Hollington

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