Types Of Fur Used In Fur Coats – Let’s Find Out!

Types Of Fur Used In Fur Coats – Let’s Find Out!

Little everyone does know that humans have been a frequent user of a fur as clothing. Main purpose was to keep themselves warm., but now fur has become the statue of fashion, luxury, and class.  Although the usage of fur and the techniques to maintain it have become better ever since, still today’s fur has maintained its unique essence of fashion and luxury. So, if you are one of the lucky ones to own a fur, you know how hard it is to manage and maintain one. And, if you are genuinely a fur lover, you should be aware of the new styles and variety available in the market and at Aria Mode Fur Clothing.

Chinchilla Fur

Named after the Chincha people of Andes in South America, this delicate and mushier fur became very popular in Europe for its unique texture. Soft, dense, and silky fur surpassing the other furs in competition.  The demand for Chinchilla Fur is high and it stands as the most expensive fur in the world today.

Mink Fur

Preferred by women, but now men are also taking interest in Mink Fur. Indigenous to the Weasel family in North America and common in other few countries, the Mink Fur has managed to retain the best quality throughout the years and if maintained well, they can last for up to 20 years due to high durability.

Lynx Fur

A perfect blend of variety, quality, and affordability, Lynx Fur is a soft and silky fur used for long coats. It is found most commonly in Europe, Russia, and America.  In Russia, the high-end quality is more popular but in America, low quality runs which is also more affordable.

Fox Fur

Want to exhibit your inner fashionista to the world? Then wear one of the premium quality Fox Fur, available in a variety of colors to keep you warm in cold winters and gives you a cozy feeling with its lightweight, fluffy and thick underfur.

Coyote Fur

Originating from North America – we also have something in our stores for men. Coyote Fur is a high-demand fur in the market for its cozy, warm and dense texture ideal for winters. It is widely used in the manufacturing of hats, coats, collars, and hoods. A popular, comfortable, and casual wear for men available at Aria Moda Fur Clothing.

Sable Fur

Looking for something luxurious yet decent and comfortable? Then, try our Sable Fur coats originating from Russia and Canada. They are available in a versatile range of coats. Though limited in number with a high price tag – they call out to be worn at formal or semi-formal events.  If you want a luxury coat at a lower price end, then try our Canada Sable coats.  But, if you want it completely for a warm purpose, then it’s not an ideal choice.

You may be aware of the different varieties of fur – from high to low-end. Have a look at most luxurious fur coats at Aria Moda Shop.  As a fur enthusiast, go check out their latest sale offering coats, jackets, hoodies, caps, and many more items of premium quality.


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