Top Things To Buy For Your Animal Themed Party

Top Things To Buy For Your Animal Themed Party

Throwing your child an animal-themed birthday party is sure to be a hit. Kids just love the idea of having their own zoo on their special day! Also, an animal-themed party is a great way to bring out your creative side, and also reinforce the bond you have with your loved ones. Even if it’s your first time to throw an animal-themed party, you don’t need to worry! Making it a one-of-a-kind experience for your child is possible.

Here are 5 things that you may want to buy for your animal-themed party:

1. Animals

Depending on what animal will be deemed as ‘the animal’ of the party, you may want to buy toys or stuffed animals in that animal’s likeness. From plush toys to paintings, you can gather all of these items from a myriad of stores or from online retailers.

Pro tip: You can decorate your house with pictures and plush toys of “the animal” and do a hunting or bring me game.

2. Animal Masks

If the animal theme you’re going for is an exotic one, then it would be fun to have masks that resemble those animals’ faces! These can be bought from novelty shops or even at a party store.

What’s even better is to have your guests compete for the best styled animal masks or let the kids create their own at the venue! That’s one fun activity your kid can help oversee or join in.

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3. Animal-shaped balloons (different types)

If you really want the main attraction at your party to be the balloon arch or anything balloon related, animal-shaped balloons will make up for a great centerpiece. You can also tie animal-shaped balloons in kiddie chairs, and your guests can bring them home as a souvenir!

4. Animal Themed Goodies

From party hats to confetti, you can find a variety of animal-inspired party favors at a novelty store. These are sure to ignite your guests’ interest and get them curious as to what kind of an animal-themed event you’re going to have!

5. Animal Themed Tableware

Depending on what kind of animal will be the main theme, you may want to choose tableware that reflects it. Safari-themed plates, cups, napkins, banners – all these can be found at a party store or even at a retail store.


6. Animal Themed Party Invitations

For some people, this is where the party planning starts. For avid animal lovers, it may be the best to have invitations that are animal themed. You can have them made or you can look for pre-made ones at a party store.

7. Animal-themed candle holders – candles are a great addition to any party, and animal themed candle holders will add a lot of aesthetic value to your party

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