Top Ten Fashion Trends Of 2020

Fashion Trends

2020 has ushered in a whole new decade. Now is a fabulous time to freshen up your wardrobe too. All this year’s buzz in the fashion industry is over vibrancy and walking down the memory lane (because even some trends from ‘70s are all set to make a comeback)! Have you been wondering what trends  you’ll come across this year? Well, your wait is over; here is a peek at the Top Ten fashion trends of 2020.

Collar Tales

In 2020, the Peter Pan collar is trending up. Disco collars, such as long and pointy collars on coats, jackets or even button-downs are also here to rock. You will find them in contrasting colours. As for men, the Cuban collar will be in fashion with distinctive short sleeved shirts. Pair them with chinos and set out in style.

Crochet Couture

The cute crochet is so going to be in fashion in 2020. With this trend the message is clear: the fashion industry is also investing in sustainability for crochets, as they’re mostly woven in eco-friendly yarn. From delicate midi dresses to slit-side beach dresses, this crochet trend has everything to offer.

Billowy Neon

From bubblegum pink to neon green-if you’re not faint of heart, grab a billowy maxi dress in neon colour and flaunt it like a diva! Sally McKinnon, Australia’s leading personal fashion stylist predicts that this trend will be everywhere this year. So, wear it your way and turn some heads.

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Trendy Tiers

Volume? Yes. Twirl? Yes! Get them all in the light-tiered dresses. As for colours, from pretty pink to bold monochrome-designers have it all in stock for you. Wear a pretty blouse and shoes to go formal or a bra top to go casual with tiered maxi skirts. Some will also come in ruffled-taffeta material. Here’s one tip: team it up with a crop top for a bolder look.

Wallpaper Designs

When home decor and runways come together, you get one of the top ten trends of 2020. Vintage wallpaper prints and couch designs are a throwback to the groovy ‘60s and ‘70s. While shopping for 2020, as personal stylists are saying, you may stumble upon a print you saw on your grandparents’ kitchen wall. Don’t be surprised, grab it! It’ll make you stand out in the crowd like a true fashionista.

Power Puff Sleeves

Pack some volume and power with your sleeves this year. Romantic and dramatic at the same time, puffy sleeves are set to bring oodles of oomph in 2020. The classic LBDs are also getting a makeover and being added with puffy sheer sleeves. Chic and sexy, anyone? Go for the puff!

Feather Touch

Bored with the same old black at every evening party? 2020 is the year that’ll bring you out of it. Dresses and tops with bold feathers are here! From high-neck crop top made of tulle to eveningwear by leading fashion designers like Valentino, Burberry and the like, flouncy feathers are making an appearance everywhere. Flaunt them and get the spotlight at the next event.

Keep It Hot & Short

Knit, spandex, or denim-shorts are here and causing a real stir in the fashion world. Make 2020 a triumphant year in fashion by donning hot pants. Pair long sleeves with ultra-short hot pants to achieve a chic yet smart look. Slay those summer-spring months in style with short-shorts.

Bare It with A Bra Top

2020 is heralding the official entry of bra tops into the fashion world. No longer meant to be hidden, bra tops are sure to hit the market in all forms either made of fabric or leather. Flaunt your curves with bows and buttons on these tops.

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Up For ‘Flare’ Play, Men?

Men’s fashion is embracing the flares big time in 2020. Exaggerated ankles that slim towards the top: it’s classic Marlon Brando On The Waterfront all over again. Wear with a hoodie, tee, turtleneck, or slim-fit shirt; flares go with just about everything.

In addition to these hot trends, polka dots, floral designs and leather, like every year, are still ruling the catwalks. You can never go wrong with them. The further we get into the year, we’ll find more trends about. But, always remember what Coco Chanel said: “Fashion changes, style endures.” Embrace trends and comfort together and wear what you feel confident in.

Ellen Hollington

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