Top Companies Specialized In Auto Insurance For State Employees

Top Companies Specialized In Auto Insurance For State Employees

When you’re purchasing g a new vehicle, it’s usually mandatory to insure your car against damage or theft. Several insurance companies offer auto insurance services, but each insurer has different premiums, terms, and conditions for insuring a vehicle.

The amount of premiums paid for insuring a vehicle differs from agency to agency. Some companies calculate your insurance premiums based on the industry you work in, and sometimes, they may offer special rates to workers in a specific industry.

As a state employee, you probably have asked yourself if it’s possible to get affordable auto insurance. Thankfully, several insurance companies provide auto insurance, particularly for state employees.  

This article lists some of the top companies specializing in auto insurance for state employees and provides you with some helpful tips for finding the perfect auto insurance company.

1. Geico

Geico is one of the best and most popular auto insurance companies for state and non-state employees. It offers several membership plans for its customers, and its plans are considered one of the cheapest in the auto-insurance industry.

Geico guarantees state employees low premiums and wide coverage for their insured vehicles. The annual rate for Geico’s coverage is about $1,148, about 20% lower than the national average. 

Customer service is also quite excellent as customers have repeatedly testified of swift and decisive responses from the customer care agents. Geico currently offers the lowest insurance rates to folks above 60 years old. Keeping your driving records clean would also guarantee you lower insurance premiums.

2. Nationwide

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Nationwide is another top-rated auto insurance company in the US. The company offers competitive premiums for motorists and is ranked one of today’s cheapest auto insurance companies. The customer support at Nationwide is very effective as most customers have expressed satisfaction with the customer services.

For reports handling and claims, Nationwide is also a top competitor, with over 70% of customers who filed claims hinting that they were satisfied with the ease of filing a claim. 

The annual rate for insurance premiums at Nationwide is 3% less than the national average, currently sitting at $1,321 annually. Like Geico, Nationwide calculates your yearly insurance premiums based on your location, occupation, and your personal factor.

Senior drivers also have an advantage in getting cheaper insurance rates as Nationwide offers discounts for drivers above 60 and rewards you based on your credit history.

3. MetLife

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MetLife is one of the most globally recognized auto insurance companies. It has served over 90 million customers in over 60 countries for over 140 years. If you’re a state employee that frequently relocates, MetLife ensures that you’re always covered as their services are available in all 50 states.

MetLife offers several auto insurance policies ranging from theft, vandalism, collisions, and damage. They also offer coverage for a new car replacement if you severely damage your car within a year or 15,000 miles.

MetLife also provides identity protection coverage at no extra cost. Customers who frequently drive rental vehicles also have coverage from MetLife in case of an accident.

Some of MetLife’s additional policy features include towing and assistance, legal defense fees, GAP coverage, and more.

4. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is an auto insurance firm based in Boston. They provide insurance services for state employees, drivers, and house owners, in all 50 states. Liberty Mutual calculates its insurance premiums based on your driving records.

The company offers special discounts to civil servants and state employees. Their most popular coverage options include Med Pay, rental car coverage, accident forgiveness, towing and labor, and many more.

On a few occasions, Liberty Mutual might offer customers who are Federal employees additional discounts bundled with their usual discounts. Liberty Mutual has insurance agents scattered all over the country, and you can get in touch with their agents via their mobile app or official website. 

5. State Farm

State Farm is another excellent auto insurance company that offers outstanding services for state employees. One common thing among most auto insurance companies is that they tend to offer up to 20% discount for state employees; it’s no different with State Farm. However, discounts vary depending on where you work and other personal factors.

Apart from discounts, State Farm provides different offers like safe drivers, good students, etc. If you still own a vintage car, no need to worry. State Farm offers auto insurance plans for such vehicles. 

Like most insurance companies, State Farm calculates your insurance premium based on your work location and where you live. For example, Hawaii has one of the lowest insurance rates averaging just over $100, while states like Michigan can go as high as $12,000.

State Farm also offers discounts for the elderly and couples. So, if you have a spouse or are over 60, you can get a pretty good offer at State Farm. State Farm will also offer you consistent discounts if you have a good credit history. 


Auto insurance is a necessary investment for any driver, whether you’re a state worker or not. Usually, getting insurance coverage is pretty expensive, especially for non-state workers.

However, this article has highlighted the top five best companies that offer competitive rates and broad coverage for state employees. Before settling for an insurance company, try to understand the company’s terms and conditions to get the most out of your policies.

Ellen Hollington

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