Top Choices In Bridesmaid Dresses Across The Us

You have your best friend’s wedding next month? And, you really cannot figure out, what type of bridesmaid dress to go for. Well, read through as we have a solution to your problems.

Looking for the best ones, can be a chore in itself without proper guidance.


You will be spending an entire day or a few days with your best friend, on her wedding day. You will be helping in various functions associated with the big day.

So, you need comfort as your utmost prerequisite for choosing cheap bridesmaid dresses.

Selecting the Best Dress

You have to keep in mind, various factors like comfort, style, fabric and cuts when selecting a bridesmaid dress. You will be in it the entire day, so come on be choosy about it.

One style does not fit all, anyway! You have to be careful while selecting Bridesmaid Dresses.

  • Style & Comfort

Is of prime importance to you! Take swatches before buying the dress. It should co-ordinate with your other bridesmaids, as well. Checkout the neckline, you might want it high or off-shoulder or low-neck. See, what suits you.

  • Color

Keep your skin tone in mind, while selecting the dress. Trending colors like peach and champagne don’t look good on everyone. So, you can stay away from them, if you want to.

  • Body Type

There is several body types like Pear-Shaped. A-line dresses will look good on this type of body type, with straps at the shoulders.

The narrow straps will focus on your bust, which is a smaller part of your body and cover and camouflage the bottom.

Then, there are people who are Top-Heavy. What style do you think will suit them? Scoop necks, one-shoulder, and off-shoulder! These are a few options.

If you are one of those tall ladies, Trumpet or the Mermaid silhouette will look perfect on you. You can either choose a full-length dress or a short one.

Coming to the weather; when is the wedding? If you are selecting a dress for a wedding in winter, make sure to get a matching shawl or coat to go with it. You don’t want to be left shivering in the cold months.

Summers can be as enjoyable. You can go for short dresses, definitely. However, the fabric has to choose carefully.

Fabrics & Finishes for Bridesmaid Dresses

Chiffon, charmeuse and georgettes are ruling the roost. Keep in mind that fabrics and finishes are two different things. Satin and chiffon are finishes. Any fabric like cotton, silk or rayon can be given a satin finish.

Chiffon is ideal to summery outdoor weddings. They give a nice fall to the dress.  You can get it layered, multiple times.

Georgette is a bit heavy. However, it gives the same feel and drape.

Voile is another one, you can try. It is slightly heavier than the chiffons and georgettes, with an added sheen.

Satin is a finish, which can match up to any fabric.  It is perfect for night time weddings. However, be careful to have some protection, as it shows sweat easily.

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Ellen Hollington

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