Top 9 Trendy Engagement Rings for 2021

Top 9 Trendy Engagement Rings for 2021

Not even the global pandemic can stop love from spreading, also, it hasn’t put any stop to engagement season too! Designers are getting more creative, and so couples are enjoying when it comes to ring shopping. Look for Moissanite Engagement Rings in Melbourne for buying unique and designer engagement rings. Here are 9 trendy engagement rings you need to know for 2021.

The Classic Solitaire:

The classic solitaire will never go out of style as the old solitaire ring design is back on the top. You may bring a little twist by changing the diamond’s cut or the color of the metal shank with a jewelry designer.

The Three-Stone Ring:

Another trendy ring on the list is the three-stone diamond ring. You may see your mom or any aunt flaunt a classic three-stone ring, except the diamond would have replaced the birthstone. In a three-stone diamond ring, you may choose to keep all the three stones of the same size or may opt for one big diamond and two smaller ones.

Say Hello to “Halo”:

This ring you may find in almost every New Year’s trend and Halo rings will never go out of fashion. Also, Halo rings help you to maximize the bling as you get too many small diamonds around the massive stone in between. The main reason why Halo rings sparkle so brilliantly as they are perfectly cut.

The Priceless Offset Stones:

This stone is the most suitable option to maximize the brilliance of your diamond while still looking modern, and there are many things you may do when it comes to the band. You may either choose for sleek lines or choose from the spiral detailing.

Quirky Pastels and Sophisticated Blacks:

For brides, you may choose pastel or opting for black stone as this is the emerging diamond jewelry design. You can choose your favorite color in your ring. Most popular pastel-colored diamonds such as aquamarine or morganite and for a darker color, opt for emerald.


One of the beautiful and gorgeous gemstones that are making a name for itself in the world of engagement rings. This stone has the ability to change colors based on how the light hits it, from purple and fuchsia to green, blue, and even orange too. In proposal season it could be the popular option.

Vintage Ring:

Vintage rings are exquisitely designed, full of character, and hold sentimental value as these rings are beloved as ever.

The Two-Stone Ring:

The two-stone engagement rings are extremely graceful and enriched with two finely cut diamonds or gemstones of different shapes. Two-stone rings have a lavish touch by constructing them in precious metals.

Twisted Crossover Engagement Rings:

A twisted band engagement ring is enough to make your engagement ring a unique stand-out but can be executed in a way that keeps the design cool, refined, and timeless, albeit a little different. If you mix a thin diamond band with a plain band of the same width you may get the right balance of subtle and eye-catching.

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