Top 5 Holiday Countries For 2020

Holiday Countries

A new year and therefore also new top destinations. Where are you going next year? Like the previous years, we are releasing a new top 5 of the destinations. These are the top 5 holiday countries for 2020. We have listed the destinations for you, can you choose?

Okay, the world has countless beautiful countries and places that are worth visiting. Choices are made difficult because most countries differ enormously from each other. The interests of holidaymakers also vary enormously. Do you like nature, culture, Burgundian enjoyment or do sporting activities? Maybe your dream destination is among them!

1. Chile

Chile has been named the best country to visit in 2020. How can this country in South America be best described? A natural spectacle on a gigantic scale, a country full of adventures and a destination with an enormous amount of culture. From the driest desert in the world to glacier areas, dunes, volcanoes, untouched forests and so on. Chile is a place to relax, unwind and to explore intensively. Taste the local wines and find out more about this strong present culture. 2020 is Chile’s year of independence for 200 years.

2. South Korea

Many don’t know that Korea is so beautiful. This is a shame because the country has many riches that are worth exploring. South Korea has a modern, Asian atmosphere. The Olympic Games will be held here next year. The country has large cities where ultramodern architecture is interspersed with traditional temples. Whoever comes to South Korea sees two very different faces.

The population is, on the one hand, busy with the latest developments, but on the other hand tradition and centuries-old history are of paramount importance. Not only the cities but also the surroundings offer a feast for the eyes. The landscape of South Korea consists of mountainous rocks, volcanic landscapes, densely forested areas, rice fields, islands, and national parks.

3. Portugal

Portugal is the land of the port, old villages, fascinating cities, delicious food, and nature to be told against. Art and culture meet here. If you plan to go to Portugal in July, visit the cultural city of Águeda. The Agitágueda art festival is organized here every year. Also go to Lisbon, a city that has grown enormously in popularity in recent years. Discover the rich history, the old neighborhoods, but also the modern center and the cozy bars and restaurants. Portugal is not bored easily. You can go from beautiful coastal areas to historic villages and green landscapes. A tip: taste the well-known Port drink in the town of Porto and enjoy other culinary delights that characterize the country.

4. Djibouti

Djibouti is small but big in beauty. Few countries in the world have such diverse, unique landscapes as this small country located in the Horn of Africa. One moment you swim in saltwater lakes or the sea, the next you stand on dormant volcanoes. Walkthrough large canyons and over basaltic rocks. Also, look for the impressive culture and be surprised by the beauty of Djibouti.

5. United States

Many people already know the United States as a beautiful country. Maybe you have already seen it yourself or have heard adventurous stories from backpackers who have made the journey of a lifetime here. The country should certainly not be missing on the top 5 holiday countries for 2020. The United States is a popular location for filmmakers. That is not surprising when you look at the overwhelming nature of the country. Nugget Casino Resort is a place to stay while you tour through this amazing city.

The United States offers almost every type of holidaymaker a nice holiday. Enjoy peace on the coastal areas or be active in the rugged nature. Go rafting, diving, surfing, climbing, skydiving or even skiing. Discover the underwater world and other unique animal species on land.

Ellen Hollington

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