Top 15 Wedding Rings With White Gold In The Middle

Top 15 Wedding Rings With White Gold In The Middle

Cool Mens Wedding Rings with white gold in the middle are always models and precious metals of different colors. Their advantage is that they seem more airy and light. You can choose a wide bezel that is fashionable this wedding season, and at the same time not visually overload your finger! In addition, the white gold insert adds volume, the ring is perceived as textured, which also adds relevance to it!

Design is very important, but it is worth remembering the reliability of the main symbols of marriage. Wedding rings with white gold in the middle, which are offered by the valeriacustomjewelry of Wedding Rings, are made using sintering technology. This means that the white and red (yellow) precious metal parts are not soldered together, but fused together under high pressure. That’s why our multi-gold rings won’t fall apart – they’re connected forever! As well as the fate of people who truly love each other.

The Best Wedding Rings With White Gold In The Middle From The Valeriacustomjewelry Collection

We have selected for you top models with white gold in the middle of the bezel, as well as new items that will obviously become hits in 2020:

  1. An engagement ring made of two gold bands – red and white – is a hot novelty that has embodied two trends of jewelry fashion at once, such as layering and asymmetry.
  2. A ring with two pigtails. Pigtails always look very cute and romantic, especially if they are on a wedding ring! And also, the pigtail creates a play of light – the jewel looks impressive even without stones! You have the opportunity to buy an inexpensive 5g wedding ring with a stunning design!
  3. When the groom insists on a simple ring, and the bride wants something unusual, models made of several types of gold with unusual processing are often a compromise. The triple-alloy matt model is perfect for the needs of both parties.
  4. The two – alloy model “Kisses Bridge” is neoclassical with an average width (4.5 mm). Gold of different colors is delimited here by deep diamond-cut stripes, which gives the bezel an intriguing relief and adds sparkle.
  5. Another example of neoclassicism is a 5 mm diamond cut wedding ring. A narrow bezel of red gold and a similar one of white counterbalance the wide part of red metal. This combination gives the design a dynamic that is enhanced by the play of light in deep grooves.
  6. A 5mm wide wedding band with a wide white center supports the trend of layering. Simple and tasteful!
  7. The minimalistic 4mm model is the perfect choice for those who love tight rings but care about the engagement symbol to last for years. Thanks to “cutting” into narrow rims, the ring looks very elegant and is suitable even for a fragile brush.
  8. A double-alloy ring of reliable width (5 mm), impressive weight (from 5.35 g) looks elegant, its design can be called classic. The model is suitable for both the groom and the bride, although many future newlyweds will prefer to pair it with a woman’s ring with diamonds in a circle.
  9. Unusual model with a wide white gold center sparkles without diamonds. The diamond cut pattern makes the surface shine in the rays of light – a spectacular trick of talented jewelers!
  10. Super hit of 2020 – wide ring with a protruding middle. Massive, textured, mega-style. Above the 6 mm red gold bezel, there is a wide satin white gold band.
  11. A 5.5 mm thick wedding band with a thick wall – a reasonable compromise between classic and modern. It suits both brutal gentlemen and stylish ladies who will emphasize their fragility with a weighty rim.
  12. Thick-walled straight wedding ring 5.5 mm in two types of gold – a symbol of stability in relationships. Three stripes of equal width joined together, like the past, present and future of the couple. The trend of 2020 – a thickened wall – gives the ringlet a solid weight – from 6.7 g.
  13. If the moonlight attracts you more than the sun, this model is made for you! A coarse matte finish on the dual-alloy bezel creates a shimmer of reflected light. This processing technique creates the illusion of diamond chips. Inexpensive 4mm engagement ring looks luxurious!
  14. Gloss is back in vogue, so by choosing a pair of wedding rings from the Honeymoon collection with a white insert in the middle, you will definitely be in trend! The glossy shine of the polished bezels is enhanced by deep diamond edges that create borders between different gold colors!
  15. Are two types of gold too little for you? Then choose a three-alloy women’s ring with three diamonds. Their shine looks even more spectacular against the background of satin – light matting of the surface.

So, the white gold insert in the middle of the ring can be highlighted with diamond facets, a special type of processing (satin finish, rough matting, artistic processing), raised above the surface, be wider or narrower than red gold stripes. It is often decorated with diamonds. Choose the model that you like! All rings of the valeriacustomjewelry are equally reliable!

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