Tips To Plan Your Marriage In Brazil

Brazil, the most popular country in South America is known for its outlandish and traditional style weddings that hold a mystique and charm for the beholders. Brazilian weddings are all about music, food, fun, and party with loads of traditions and colors that make the celebration a joyous and worth remembering event. As every country and state has its own traditions and customs, likewise Brazil has its own conventional traditions that are evident in the party, attires, food, and theme of celebration.

Today contemporary weddings are popular in Brazil but they still have that traditional Brazilian touch to make them stand out from any other wedding function celebrated across the globe. Brazilian weddings are so full of fun and festivity that it can compel anyone to find a Brazilian woman for marriage and enjoy the festivities that follow.

Here are some tips to make your wedding in Brazil some extra special and worth remembering affair.

The wedding ceremony

The best way to tie the knot is to hold the ceremony in an ancient church where vows and rings will be exchanged and the marriage will be sealed with a blissful kiss. A rustic or vintage theme is always a win and a contemporary touch can be added by hiring a DJ to make the celebration much groovy and happening.

The bridal party

The bridal party can be a pretty celebration where close friends and cousins can be invited. A modernistic and fairytale theme can be selected for the bridal party with themed décor and lighting.


Fashion evolves with time and brides can choose a gown of their choice with hues of powder pink, sky blue, white, and pastel tones. Light shades are always preferred as they are the symbol of blissfulness and serenity and create a divine aura. Grooms can go for darker shades or can complement the bride’s dress by choosing to wear a light colored jacket preferably white with the darker bow.

Food and drinks

Brazilian weddings are known for their extravagant food and buffet system will be a win. If you are following a vintage or traditional Brazilian theme for your wedding then it is advised to opt for traditional Brazilian cuisine however sections of continental food can also be added to satisfy the variety of guests at the event. Get a themed wedding cake and add a dessert section with the assortment of cookies, cupcakes, and sweet dishes that go with the theme and color of the event.

Hire a DJ

Brazilian weddings are loud and are known for their music and dance celebrations. Hiring a DJ will help you entertain the guests while you can make arrangements for the function and attend various rituals during the ceremony.

Ellen Hollington

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