Three Best Fabrics For Baby Clothes

For any new parent, buying newborn baby clothes might seem like an obvious and foregone conclusion, right? What can be so hard about getting clothes for a tiny human? There are plenty of details always to be aware of when buying baby clothes. These details are even more essential when you purchase baby clothes online. Younger skin is sensitive most of the time, so always be careful about the fabrics you are buying. This is especially important if their umbilical cord clamp is still attached and the clothes must be comfortable around it. The clothes must also be comfortable and not irritate the baby’s skin, so the type of fabric is essential. So the type of material you choose should be one that will stay soft and not get rough over time. It is also critical that when the baby learns how to roll, crawl and lift the head that the clothes will allow them mobility. Restrictive clothing will stunt their growth and development. Moreover, most importantly, the clothes must be breathable but not to the extent that the fabric is lightweight or thin. There are plenty of fabrics that allow moisture and vapour to pass through it. If you want to learn more about appropriate materials for your baby’s clothes, read further as we have compiled a list:

Bamboo Fabrics

Bamboo is a superb choice for baby clothes. That’s because it’s an all-natural rayon fibre, made from cellulose derived from bamboo plants. It’s a fabric that’s also thermal-regulating, adjusting to your baby’s body temperature. Not only is Bamboo great for layering but it’s also 100% cotton, hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial, for eco-conscious parents. This means that it will not cause an itch that will result in flare ups of skin conditions such as eczema. The fibre will maintain its antibacterial nature even after numerous washings. Also, because the bamboo plant is resistant to UV rays and retains this trait after becoming fabric, it can protect the skin. The bamboo will protect their skin and scalp against harmful UV rays.

Muslin Fabrics

Muslin is a cotton fabric that’s available in different weight, from very thin to dense and coarse. The lightweight muslin is excellent for making baby clothing because it is made from the most breathable fabric there is, and it’s also 100% cotton. Muslin is a versatile fabric and has a variety of uses which include burp cloths, baby cloth diapers covers, and swaddle clothing. It is also suitable for lining and making petticoats.  Swaddle clothing allows the babies to still feel the heat of their mother’s chest during breastfeeding. A soft muslin will allow for secure handling of the baby and holding them comfortably during feeding time. Cotton muslin fabric can be as gauze, an open weave, airy and breathable fabric with a wrinkled appearance. There is single and double gauze available.

Fleece Fabrics

Fleece is an excellent choice for a baby’s winter clothing and is a perfect alternative to using wool. It is available in a variety of weights, is moisture wicking, keeping the body warm and dries quickly. Fleece is also suitable for layering, is almost stain-proof yet machine washable, making it a breeze to take care of. Fleece works well as a baby’s swaddle blanket or a child’s jacket.

A baby’s skin is sensitive, and a parent needs to take great care in finding clothing that will be smooth upon their skin. Fabric that helps soothe baby’s skin, helps them sleep, and aids in their daily movement are perfect. If you are looking for affordable baby clothes for sale, then visit MHC World in Pretoria. You will find everything you need from baby strollers, bottle warmers and wooden baby cots to baby car seats, deluxe walkers and carrycots. For more information on sales and specials at MHC World, visit their website today and visit the store in Pretoria.

Ellen Hollington

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