The Whole Foods Lunch Box & Drink Bottle

The Whole Foods Lunch Box & Drink Bottle

Greater Flexibility

Kids are always looking for variety during the day, which is why B.Box lunch boxes are made to provide greater flexibility. It has a big compartment for sandwiches and a gel cooler packs to ensure food is fresh. Remove the tray that serves as a sandwich and the space can be used for bagsels, rolls, pasta and salads to meet a variety of diets and tastes. The unique flexible fruit holder allows you to keep an entire apple because the seal’s stretchy shape bends around the fruit. No need to cut the fruit into smaller sizes! The bbox nz comes with many unique features.

The leak-proof silicone seals allow you to keep wet food items such as yogurt and watermelon. A divider that is custom-designed slides across the room to alter the size to accommodate a whole wrap or banana. It comes with a handle for carrying and clip opening, it is easy for kids to use independently Bbox lunch box as well as b box drink bottle.

B.Box Lunch Box

Bento boxes are getting more popular with kids who want to pack a variety of diverse foods in their lunchbox. Bento boxes typically are small and everything must be cut into smaller pieces. Although this is ideal for certain kids however, many prefer whole foods, especially when they grow older. This lunchbox is among the biggest lunch boxes I’ve seen , and is also the most flexible. can accommodate a large sandwich, a full apple or banana, an entire pasta or salad serving as well as other snacks like crackers, yoghurts, sliced up vegetables and so on. Also included is an ice pack that will keep children’s lunches cool and fresh throughout the day.

It’s a great lunchbox for children to develop with, and it can make lunchtime easier due to the versatility of the items you can put in. It also comes with a beverage bottle available in a variety of colours this is the ideal backpacking accessory for children. The lunchbox is large enough for adults to also use!

What Is Most Interesting About B.Box Lunch Box?

11 Simple Ways to Eat Whole Today

  • Lets children have various options throughout the day.
  • It is possible to fit a complete sandwich without cutting it into pieces and then fit it into small space.
  • You can take off the tray for sandwiches so that the tray can be used to hold rice, pasta or salad dish.
  • The unique flexi holder for fruit allows you to accommodate the whole apple of a child who don’t want to cut it into pieces. The stretchy seal bends to what the apple is designed to look like. There are no more apples that are brown!
  • The divider is custom-made that you can slide across to give the flexibility to choose your food. Slide it towards the top and you’ll be able to accommodate a whole banana or wrap. Move it towards the middle, and you’ll find two smaller compartments to store things such as cheese and crackers, or even cut-up fruit and the berries.
  • The leakproof seals in the compartments allow you to store wet foods like yogurt. No more leaks!
  • Seals can be removed to make cleaning easier
  • Easy to open and shut
  • Drink bottle that matches


  • Made for children aged 3 years and older
  • Weight 0.47kg
  • Bbox for Kids

The Bottom Line

If you have children who like to bring their own food to school, then B.Box lunch boxes can make lunchtime easier. Made with flexibility in mind this B.Box lunchboxes are great for every type of lunch. No matter if your kids love cutting everything into smaller pieces, or they prefer eating whole sandwiches, whole pieces pasta, fruit or even salad, you’re likely to enjoy this bento-style lunch box.

Ellen Hollington

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