The Precious: One Ring to Rule the Happily Ever Afters

The Precious One Ring to Rule the Happily Ever Afters

From when the Archduke of Austria commissioned the first diamond engagement rings in 1477 for his betrothal and to this day, a diamond ring celebrates the union between two souls.

It is no longer a practice reserved only for the royalty and nobility like in the yesteryears. But today, a diamond is not just forever but also for everyone. Ever since the phrase ‘a diamond is forever’ was coined, the precious stone is associated with eternal love.

Choosing the right ring for that special day comes with a barrage of questions that men are not always familiar with on most occasions. Would the partner like a contemporary art deco ring or a classic solitaire? What is the difference between a cushion cut diamond and a princess cut?

Discussed below are the must-know technicalities and styles that will help answer these questions.

The 4 C’s are the very basis of looking for the right diamond, and they are

  1. Cut
  2. Clarity
  3. Colour
  4. Carat

Each of these aspects matters while purchasing the ideal one, and they also determine the price of a ring. The higher the quality of carat, clarity, and colour, the higher the price will be.

As important as these elements are, the design matters too. The variety of cuts includes oval, princess, cushion, pear, marquis, emerald, round, Asscher, baguette, and heart.

Some of the most popular and contemporary ring designs are:

1. Classic or Vintage Style:

These styles refer to the fashion prevalent in a previous era or time in history. It is especially pertinent to diamonds. Because like the famous slogan, a diamond never goes out of style. This quality explains why some are even passed down by mothers through generations.

The trusted, old solitaire design, is still adored by women. It is a simple, no-nonsense style that consists of a single diamond stone available in different cuts. One can choose between the number of prongs and cuts like emerald or round.

The carat and clarity are most important while picking solitaires. They must be pure and flawless as solitaires emphasize the beauty of a single stone.

2. Multiple Stones:

These are for people who like living on the happening side of life. They want more with everything, including their rings. Some of the designs that feature three or more stones are:

  1. Halo ring:- It constitutes a large centre stone surrounded by multiple smaller sized ones.
  2. Side stone rings:- It also features a centre stone(relatively small) and stones encrusted throughout the ring.
  3. Trilogy:- As the name suggests, it has three stones arranged in varying styles. Three is a number that signifies expansion, abundance, and wholeness.
  4. Constellation rings:- They have stone arranged in unique formats reflecting the constellation of a night sky. They also symbolize the unchanging nature of love, like the night sky.
  5. Bridal sets:- They feature rings that are a combination of two bands. They have the advantage of appearing larger compared to other styles.
  6. Cluster rings:- Some vintage designs have stones placed in clusters, and it is a perfect choice for people who prefer some drama and bling.

3. Other Stones:

Most modern brides love breaking conventions and traditional attitudes. This breaking from the norm also includes fashion choices. They would prefer an art deco ring over a solitaire and other coloured gemstones over diamonds.

Yellow diamond, black diamond, and precious stones like emerald, rubies, sapphire, and white gold are the options for an unconventional bride. They also significantly cost less compared to their diamond counterparts.


Men can convey the depth of their commitment through diamond engagement rings. It is a symbol that stands for a long-lasting relationship, like the durability of the stone itself.

Ellen Hollington

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