The History Of Masquerade Balls

If you walk into a well-decorated room with people in fancy dresses and masked faces all gathered together to have fun, you’d feel more confident, calm, and relaxed to enjoy the fun than have people prying into your face. You may refuse to dance with a gorgeous lady any day, but you certainly wouldn’t do that at a masquerade party because your identity is hidden behind the mask, so you can lose yourself and have fun for the night.

Wearing a mask gives you the freedom to be another person. There is no limit to the fun you can have at a mask party. You can get free and wild behind the mask.

What Is A Masquerade Ball?

A masquerade ball is a party of hidden identities. The objective of it is to have everyone’s identity hidden behind fancy and elaborate Venetian masks. In the 15th century, masquerade balls were social gatherings, such as decadent pageants, marriage proceedings, lavish evening parties, eating and drinking parties.

The members of the upper class and elite of the medieval era used masks as costumes to disguise as they partied at pageants and public gatherings. Venetian masks served as coverage for the members of the medieval court and gave them the freedom to be someone else without being watched.

These events are usually held with dances and great fanfare in Venice, Italy, where masquerade ball is a culture. When the Venetian Republic ended, the notoriety of the tradition declined. In 1900, the masquerade tradition became popular again in Europe.

John Heidegger was the first masquerade in London. He was particular to the wealthy and royal. You couldn’t have crashed a masquerade event as every attendee had an exclusive invitation. There was a strict code of conduct to follow for such an event, and importantly, you had to go in full costume. It’s a masked party, every participant had to be masked.

Why Were Masquerade Masks Worn?

Masquerade masks were worn by the elite at balls to hide their identities and express freedom of speech, opinion, without recognition. There were black masks and white masks with designs and patterns over a chosen base. The major types of masks used were masks with sticks (that were held up just in front of the face), full face masks, half face masks, and head mask.

With a mask on, you can do or say anything in anonymity and without judgment. The upper class and elite of Venice couldn’t do anything shady, even in the dark without been judged by someone who knows them. The lower class of Venice also realized they could mingle with the higher class without shame. Everyone was about hiding their identity to enjoy without worrying about any backlash or discrimination.

Modern Masquerade Ball

Masquerade balls are some of the largest carnivals held in every part of the world today, including Halloween, Mardi Gras, and Carnivals. You are permitted to dress in a breathtaking costume with your Half face masquerade masks and Venetian masks to the best masquerade balls in the world.

Ellen Hollington

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