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Swarovski is a household name when it comes to jewelry and it is no wonder that this brand is so well known, The creation of these beautiful gemstones is something that has fast become one of the most sought after features of jewelry in the modern world. In this post, we would like to look at where Swarovski gemstones came from and why they are such a popular choice for many jewelry companies,

A Little Bit Of Swarovski History

Swarovski is a business which was founded many years ago in the late 1800s by Daniel Swarovski and is still run by the same family to this very day. The Swarovski family had a history in glass cutting and this is where Daniel found his passion and began the business which started in a small crystal cutting factory located in Austria. Before the company began, Daniel had in fact, worked with designer, Christian Dior in the 1860s to create a glass crystal known for its rainbow sparkles.

Over generations the business has become more and more successful and its beautiful Swarovski gemstones have become iconic within the jewelry world, now being one of the most preferable alternatives to natural gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

Why Are Swarovski Gemstones So Popular?

One of the main reasons that Swarovski gemstones have achieved such high levels of popularity over the years is that they are a much more affordable alternative to stones such as diamonds and therefore can be much more easily sourced and used in the mass production of fashion jewelry, which is something that is incredibly popular.

Whilst the Swarovski gemstones are formed from glass, they are much more expensive than regular glass due to the process that it takes to create these stunning crystals. Coupled with this, the gemstones are extremely durable and so are ideal for jewelry that is going to be worn regularly.

Swarovski uses the most innovative and intricate cutting techniques in the industry and so it is little wonder that when crystals come to mind, the thought of Swarovski is not far behind.

In addition, Swarovski gemstones are known for their incredible sparkle and so can add something extra special and glamorous to any piece of jewelry in which they are featured.

Fervor Montréal Swarovski Gemstones Jewelry

One company that uses Swarovski gemstones to create some beautiful pieces of jewelry is Fervor Montréal who have a delightful collection of pieces set with these iconic gemstones.

You will find Swarovski gemstones in jewelry in many of the pieces at Fervor Montréal such as the beautiful Dancing Gems earrings which features a stunning coloured Swarovski crystal set in an upturned gold’ v’ housing. These earrings catch the light every time the head is turned, showcasing the glamour and glitz of the world famous Swarovski gemstones.

For those who are looking for a piece of jewelry that sparkles and shines and features a luxurious stone that is known for its quality, longevity and style, the range of Swarovski encrusted pieces at Fervor Montréal should be the first point of call.

Ellen Hollington

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