Subway Surfers: 9 Mind-Blowing Facts Every Player Should Know

Subway Surfers: 9 Mind-Blowing Facts Every Player Should Know

A game created to celebrate the street culture, Subway Surfers has topped the video game charts for many years now. The game is all about running endlessly without getting caught by two characters, the dog and the inspector. Your chosen character gets to race along unique and different race tracks across the world, dodging trains and vehicles while using cool jetpacks and boards.

Moreover, Subway Surfers is pretty entertaining, and there’s something to look forward to playing each day. To make you appreciate this running game more, we have here nine interesting facts that you should know about subway surfer’s online play.

1. More Than a Billion Downloads Worldwide

Subway Surfers was first released in 2012. Ever since then, the game became an instant hit, where people just couldn’t contain themselves for not downloading and playing the game. Currently, the game has more than a billion downloads already, and fans continue to support and wait for more game developments. It’s very popular that it is impossible not to see this one in a household.

2. 4th Most Downloaded Game

Despite its release way back in 2012, Subway Surfers remains a part of the top 10 most games to download in the world. Other popular games that topped the list are Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Candy Crush Saga. It just shows that Subway Surfers is indeed an awesome game that has struck the world with awe.

3. Longest Tracks in the World

If you have noticed during gameplay, the railway tracks seem like it goes on forever. Subway Surfers has the longest tracks because it seems endless. The tracks are virtually infinite, so there is really no end to it. And that is awesome to know because it’s an indication that you can run for hours, as long as you can dodge obstacles that are in the way.

4. Faster Than the Famous Usain Bolt

In the 60-80 meter stretch, Usain Bolt’s top speed is 44.72 kph. This makes him the fastest man alive. In Subway Surfers, Jake and the crew can be very fast when it comes to racing! Their speed can double Usain Bolt’s speed record in the world. Though in the game, there is no concrete speedometer to see how fast each surfer goes.

5. Explored Every Continent except Antarctica

One thing that people love about Subway Surfers is that the scenes are always great and the rail tracks change when in a different country. 20 countries are featured in the game, and only the Antarctica continent is not yet explored. For those who have not tried the game yet, better download and play with it today. Who knows, maybe in the near future, Jake and his team will finally venture on the tracks in Antarctica!

6. More Than 600,000,000 Kilometers Each Day

If you have not noticed, Jake and his friends have raced for over 600 million kilometers every single day. Applying it to the real world, that distance can cover the earth to the sun and back. This endless running game seems like surfers go on in short distances, but when you look at it in real life, they have traveled for so long already!

7. Approximately 27,000,000 People Play the Game Every Day

Popular games will always be the first agenda in any gamer’s day. And Subway Surfers made it a point to be extra awesome to be played with over 27 million people playing it – every single day. Thus, we can say that this game has won over the hearts of so many players around the world.

Furthermore, Subway Surfers is a fun game to play with friends or anyone who loves to race endlessly against different sceneries. This simple reason is why almost everyone loves to play the game almost every single day!

8. Fastest Board to Use for the Endless Run

Do you want to ride on a board that can reach 150 kilometers per hour? Well, in Subway Surfers, it is possible. Take the Daredevil, and you can speed your way through. In reality, that is how fast it can go. So, enjoy the ride and speed on while you are at it by playing the game.

9. Created Solely for the Street Culture, No Deaths Whatsoever

Subway Surfers recently got into a heated rumor in which there was a social media post stating that the game was based on the developer’s son who died after getting run over by a train while skating. While most people believed in this post, the developers have responded to the issue by posting it on their official Twitter page. According to their Twitter post, Subway Surfers was primarily created to celebrate street art, music, and skateboarding culture. So, it is a relief to know that this game was not inspired by a dark and depressing experience.

Now that you know these interesting facts, make sure to try out and play Subway Surfers on PC for a better and more immersive experience.

Ellen Hollington

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