Stuck In A Lash Business Rut? Here Are 5 Ways To Get Out


If your eyelash businesses fallen into a rut for profitability, there are a number of ways that you can work it taking your business back into gear. Here are some of the top strategies that many eyelash extension experts are using in their own business to improve profitability:

Introducing Referrals

Offering your clients 10% off their next appointment if they were for one of their friends to your service can be a powerful way that you can generate more business without having to pay for any additional marketing costs. Your client essentially do all of the marketing for you and you can offer lash services to other loyal customers too.

Offer Promos

Offering a promotional code over social media for 15% off a full set can be a fantastic way to get people in the door. Plan ahead and offer different promotions on services throughout the year or for a specific day of the week.

Start A Lash Party

Going into clients homes and offering a lash party can be a fantastic way to get new referrals. If you have a client that wants to have a specialty girls night, you could offer a package with champagne and eyelashes in their own home.

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Start Hashtagging

Using hash tags on social media can bring new people to your business page. Check out the top post in your area about eyelashes and work to use similar keywords and strategies to boost your own products.

Take On New Training

By taking on new training you can offer products that are in demand. A new training program could help you to offer more your clients and gather more business. You could be one of the first people offering a specific type of eyelash extension in your city this way.

Keep these top ideas in mind about pulling your last business out of a rut quickly.

This post was written by Natali Roshau. Natali has over 10 years of experience as a lash artist and is the owner of Lash Addict Studio. Lash Addict studio is famous for their eye extensions in Saint Petersburg! In addition to being a lash artist, she also offers eyelash extension training certifying girls across the nation!

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