Stepping Into the Beauty Industry- a Beginners Guide

Stepping Into the Beauty Industry- a Beginners Guide

A makeup artist is highly demanded in today’s world due to the social events, parties, cultural fests and weddings people host and attend, especially in Australia and the USA. Looking good is important as it entails the first impressions people are likely to create and how elegant and classy they look. When it comes to becoming a freelance makeup artist, a certain type of certification gained from courses like beauty therapy courses is required for demonstrating your credibility and expertise. Stepping into the industry begins with freelancing, and it’s great when you ponder on it a little, as people don’t have to hurry and rush during shifts (time to time) and can adjust their clients and the work based on their schedule while being their own boss and principle decider.

Below here is a guide for all those makeup enthusiasts out there who want to take up the bandwagon

Level up your makeup skills: No matter how good you think you are at doing makeup, be it being the best makeup artist in your whole family or friends circle, there’s always space for improvement, and a certificate could do wonders in this world of professionalism. The little micro details of makeup play an important role in determining the whole look of a person and can be easily mastered through beauty therapy courses or other specialised training.

Customise and tailor the services as needed by your client: The important thing to keep in mind is that after you’ve learnt the professional skills required to ace your overall makeup skills, it is essential to know how to satisfy and retain your clients. Even if you’ve learnt in your course not to contour the face too much and stick to the shade tone of the person at all times, there is always a platter of all varieties of clients with personal demands. One might come across clients who would want too much highlight (highlighter ) and too much definition to their face (contour ), which would require you to work through pleasing and customising the services and still managing to do a good job. It’s always best to try working with various family members or friends to give you a better idea of what’s waiting for you out there.

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Set your own business principles: Yes, it is a little draining to be in the fashion and beauty industry as you have to be on time, and there is no room for mistakes. However, to sustain yourself and your business in this industry, try setting your own ethics and principles that your future or present clients have to follow. This will avoid unnecessary drama and inconveniences for both parties. Principles like “the final cost of the service have to be paid before the makeup is done” or “the needs and look have to be explained in detail to the makeup artist before the services are starting to take place” should be enforced to help avoid mishaps and would help you sustain longer.

There’s always space for improvement: Just because one has a certificate that they received a few years back to prove their skills doesn’t make them any better of a makeup artist in today’s world, which is why it is important for freelance makeup artists too to keep tabs on all the trends and new makeup styles and looks that are thriving in the market of Australia, like the plumped glossy nude lips, while updating their services and avoiding all the outdated looks at all costs unless there is a situation where the makeup artist has to do a retro-themed makeup for their client.

Work and build your kit: The secret to one’s fabulous makeup is always their kit. Try all the new products and the products you think would work well for each skin type, and keep stock of all the products you would require while going for all the makeup products that are sweat and waterproof. Many things come inside a professional makeup artist kit, like skincare, base, eyes (brows, primer, gel, mascara, eyeliner, kohl pencil, eyeshadows, highlighter, blending and application brushes and what not!), lips and fixing. All these require lots of research and testing to conclude and sum up to the best products out there, so try everything, experiment and go with the flow.

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