Something Need To Remember Before Moving Your Piano

Does the piano moving affects the piano sound?

The actual move of the piano does not affect the sound or tuning of a piano.  Generally piano tuning is affected by changes in temperature and humidity which cause the wooden and steel parts of your piano to expand and contract.  You will probably need to tune your piano a few weeks after moving it, after it acclimatizes to its new location.  Other factors that may affect the sound of your piano are the size and acoustics of the room in which the piano is located.  Carpet absorbs sound, while hardwood reflects it.  Sound reinforces in small spaces, seeming louder, while in large spaces the sound gets lost, seeming quieter.

All professionals’ piano movers are equal?

Unfortunately, as in any trade, each piano moving company varies in their level of quality and experience.  Some piano movers are better equipped and more prepared than others and act with more care and integrity than others.  The best way to find a good piano mover is to call around to your local piano stores like piano movers in San Diego, piano technicians and piano teachers to find out which company they use.  Piano stores in particular have a high stake in ensuring that they use reliable, high quality piano movers who have the least risk of damaging their instruments and are properly insured in the event that the unforeseen does happen.

Why the worker injury is important to you?

You may be wondering why it is important that you ensure that the piano mover you hire has Workman’s Safety Insurance.  When you contract a moving company, they are considered your employee for the time that they are working for you.  If you hire a moving company that is not covered for Workman’s Safety Insurance, you are accepting full liability for any employees who are injured while working for you.  Your liability will extend to medical bills, lost wages and possibly civil law suits.  A company who is covered for Workman’s Safety Insurance will take care of most of these problems for you.

Do all the companies have insurance plan?

Some companies do not pay their required insurance premiums and are therefore not covered for all injury insurance claims.  You may ask the company that you are hiring to provide you with an up-to-date workman’s safety insurance clearance certificate, in order to ensure that you are properly covered.  To be absolutely sure that the moving company’s coverage is up to date, you can contact your local Workman’s Compensation or Workman’s Safety Insurance board to check on the company’s status.

Ellen Hollington

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