Solution For Hair Loss And Baldness

Solution For Hair Loss And Baldness

Hair loss is one of the most frequent conditions among the population, both in men and women. It is an important cause for concern, either for aesthetics or emotional reasons. About aesthetic causes, hair is a determining element of beauty and youth. In this way, losing it can cause emotional problems such as a lack of self-confidence.

The truth is that losing hair is something most common that, in principle, responds to the daily renewal process. The cycle is characterized by three main phases: growth or anagen, rest or catagen, and fall or telogen. In this sense, healthy manes also lose between 60 and 120 hairs a day, although it can increase in some seasons such as autumn.

1) Use A Neutral Shampoo

If you must wash your hair every day, use a neutral shampoo that respects the pH of the skin. Especially if you use an anti-dandruff or colored hair shampoo, alternate the first one with a neutral one.

2) Comb Your Hair Gently

Treat your hair gently in washing and brushing. Try to detangle your hair before showering and not after wearing it. When the hair is wet it is weaker and more sensitive and it is much easier to damage it. Gently pat dry before detangling with a long-toothed comb.

3) Avoid Strong Hair Treatments

The iron, the dryer, the perms, the moldings and a long, etc. They make the hair weak and tend to fall out more easily.

4) Don’t Do Very Tight Hairstyles

Very tight braids or pigtails that put stress on the root daily can also cause hair loss.

5) Natural Remedies

The horsetail, rich in minerals such as silicon, helps provide elasticity and firmness to hair. The sabal, one of the most important to treat alopecia, the leaves of the Ginkgo biloba tree or the Alfalfa, rich in nutrients necessary for hair health. Green tea, nettle, olive or almond oil, beets, egg whites … are also very effective against hair loss.

6) Food Supplements

Numerous food supplements help you strengthen hair. Some of them would be hyaluronic acid, recommended to improve the elasticity, firmness, and hydration of the hair. Ideal for weak and lifeless hair. There is also chlorella, freshwater algae rich in amino acids, minerals, and vitamins that promote hair growth. Or L-cysteine, an amino acid that participates in the formation of keratin and that aids in the regeneration and growth of hair, is recommended for damaged manes.

7) Healthy Lifestyle

Do exercise regularly, get enough sleep or lead a balanced diet are key to your hair is healthy. Foods like milk, eggs, and bananas contain biotin, a B vitamin that is used extensively to combat hair loss. And now that the heat is here, it’s also important to take care of your hair to protect it from the sun.

Currently, there are only a very limited number of drugs that are effective against hair loss and that must be indicated by prescription.

Hair Loss Treatments:

  • Topical treatment: minoxidil. It is a vasodilator, it is used in a concentration of 2 to 5%, it works by stimulating the growth of the hair follicle. It is applied twice a day on clean and dry hair. The effect can be noticed from the third month, progressively disappearing if you stop using it.
  • Oral treatment: finasteride acts as an antiandrogen. The effective dose is from 1 mg / 24. Its benefits are observed from the third month, although it is advisable to carry it out continuously for at least one year to assess its response. It can have side effects on libido and erectile function.
  • Surgical treatment: hair implants consist of transplanting hair from the nape of the neck or the sides to other parts where there is a shortage of hair. Hair transplantation may be indicated in some types of alopecia in highly selected patients.

Outside of these treatments, shampoos, vitamin complexes (topical or oral) and different aesthetic products intended to strengthen and prevent hair loss have no proven scientific efficacy. Finally, there is no evidence that other factors that are popularly associated with promoting hair loss, such as frequent washing of hair, dyes, jellies, foams, negatively influence the evolution of alopecia.

Solution To Baldness:

The medical research team at the Sanford Burnham Prebys Institute in La Jolla (United States) have created natural-looking hair that grows through the skin with stem cells. This is a major scientific achievement that could revolutionize the hair growth industry and end hair loss or alopecia problems.

This procedure was presented at the annual meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR), in Los Angeles, California. In the same presentation, one of the researchers, Professor Alexey Terskikh, stated that a type of papillary cell from the upper layer of the skin that resides within the hair follicle and that controls hair growth including length was used to perform the experiment. and thickness. The experiments were performed on a type of hairless laboratory mice.

To carry out the experiment, a type of papillary cell from the upper layer of the skin that resides inside the hair follicle and that controls hair growth was used.

Likewise, polypotent stem cells (iPSC) extracted from the papillary cells were used to make the hair grow with a natural appearance. “We now have a robust and highly controlled method of generating natural-looking hair that grows through the skin, using an unlimited source of iPSC derived from the papillae,” Terskikh described.

While the scientific part was developed by Sanford Burnham Prebys, the product will be marketed through Stemson Therapeutics. Both companies are located in San Diego County, Southern California.

Ellen Hollington

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