Simplistic Engagement Venue Decoration Ideas

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Engagement is often called as the life changing yes which starts up a new story of you with your beloved partner. It is one of those most valuable and memorable moment of your life which is marks a transition. You will remember this day for the rest of your life so it has to be grand and special in every way. Thus, if you are planning for your engagement party, you need to make it captivating and awe-inspiring in every possible way.

It should be beautifully planned so that you can share those blissful moments with your bed and dear ones. Well, in order to host an amazing engagement party, you need to arrange a list of things. Starting from the stage decoration to the fixing the centrepieces, the signs and the settings, you need to select all of it in the basis of the theme of the engagement venues in Gurgaon. However, do not freak out as we here to share you a few bright decoration idea which you can choose to make your day super creative, adorable and most importantly, memorable.

Heart Theme Decor

Adorned with lovely hearts or painted in the colour of “love”, this decoration theme celebrates the powerful emotion of bringing people together. Often considered as a classic theme of love, it can be modified and created in various ways to make your engagement venues in Gurgaon look astounding. This heart shaped love theme is one of most favourite among the crowd and is considered as the most appropriate choice for engagement party.

Classy Rose Floral Theme

This decor theme allows you to choose the drapes fro the background of the stage. These drapes are usually decorated with a red roses to set up an elegant and classy background to the most important day of the bride and the groom. The decor can be enhanced more by adding up small but attractive flower balls and other such props. These props add up a flavour of uniqueness to the classic floral setting completing the most ravishing background for the perfect engagement picture.

Eyecatchy Gerbera Floral Theme

The gerbera floral arrangements can be used to create the most perfect and catchy engagement stage decor. These flowers usually stay fresh for a long period of time which results in exhibiting a new level of elegance and brightness. Although traditional, this decor theme is widely opted for because it results to a beautiful and graceful setting to the party.

Dropping with Jasmine Flowers Theme

In India, the traditional engagement parties usually make use of jasmine flowers for decoration. These decorations are commonly seen in the form of long chains of hewn jasmines to form a beautiful centre arrangement. These hewn jasmines are used for covering the center stage in the manner of flower dropping arrangements. These chains are often used as the background of the stage to create a classic, elegant yet simple look.

These were a few common and budget friendly decor ideas which can used to make your engagement party look extravagant and beautiful. However, you need to consider that stage area where the bride and the groom will be seated needs to fully covered with eye catchy flowers and limelight to enhance the entire setting.

Ellen Hollington

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