Shopping For Round Linen Tablecloths? Here Is Your Ultimate Guide

Shopping For Round Linen Tablecloths? Here Is Your Ultimate Guide

Planning your tabletops is one of the most fun aspects of planning a wedding or significant event. Your guests will interact with one another the most while sitting during toasts and meals. As a result, you must ensure that the encounter is lovely and engaging. The tablecloth serves as the foundation of any wedding table setting. Therefore, you must choose wisely. We have some great advice on choosing the ideal round tablecloth for your event, whether you have narrowed your options or are still determining where to begin.

Choose A Color Scheme.

You can reduce your options by considering the wedding theme or color scheme. Choose a color palette that best embodies your concept and goes with the time of year. Darker colors can provide a dramatic impression when paired with the appropriate accessories, while lighter colors offer a more timeless and easygoing appearance. Match the colors of the dinnerware and décor to prevent the tablecloth from becoming too distracting.

Choose The Fabric And Pattern.

The fabric quality you choose for your tablecloth is the secret to a lovely table arrangement. Many materials are available, including sequins, polyester cotton twill tablecloth options, spandex fitted tablecloths, and lamour table linens. The ideal material for your needs will depend on the intended purpose.

Even though they are more expensive, elegant tablecloths like velvet, accordion crinkle, or lamour satin are ideal for formal occasions. Tablecloths made of cotton or polyester are also suitable for events and homes.

Measure the Table

Consider the table size before selecting a tablecloth for your important day or special occasion. Measure the table precisely before starting your tablecloth shopping. Multiply the table’s diameter by the desired drop for the appropriate length of the round tablecloth.

You can still creatively use a tablecloth you unintentionally got that is too short to cover your round table. Layer it with a much larger tablecloth or an angle to give it a unique appearance. The result could be attractive and give your wedding venue a special appearance.

How to Shop for the Perfect Round Tablecloths for Your Event– CV Linens

Calculate The Round Tablecloth Drop.

The drop of your tablecloth is the distance from the table to its bottom. You need primarily take into account the following three drop styles for circular tables:

  • The Half Drop ends halfway around the table and is ideal for casual styling.
  • The Full Drop: To add a touch of extra chic, let your tablecloth fall to the ground. The most common term for it is a floor-length tablecloth.
  • The Puddle Drop: Lower the tablecloth well beyond its full length before creating a puddle to achieve a more opulent look.

To get the ideal tablecloth size, measure the table height according to the desired drop, multiply it by two, and then add that figure to the table’s circumference.

Consider the Accessories

Finally, consider the many accessories you want to use when choosing round table linens. For a cohesive appearance, the color of the tablecloth you choose should complement or match the colors of the chair or chair covers, linen cloth napkins, or even the backdrop curtain.

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