Shaker Style Vanity – Tips for Choosing a Shaker Style Vanity

Shaker Style Vanity - Tips for Choosing a Shaker Style Vanity

The shaker style vanity is a modern classic and comes in two styles: the shaker style and the un-shaker style. The shaker style features a high set front panel with five or six drawers on either side of the vanity top. The shaker style features an arched top with the center drawer located in the lower back of the vanity top. The top of the shaker style can also be made of wood, porcelain, glass, or other materials.

The un-shaker style features a lower set front panel that has six to ten drawers on either side of the vanity top. The upper panel is less ornate than the shaker style and may have some decorative elements such as beads or flowers on the top rims. If you want a more simplistic look, go with a solid cherry or dark wood top. The vanity with two flat panel doors shown in the solid cherry top with an arched top featuring floral engraved insets is another great choice. There are also styles with one or two open drawers positioned sideways along the bottom of the vanity.

In this article, we will discuss the shaker style vanity and drawers that are found on the contemporary vanities with two flat panel doors shown in solid cherry or dark wood. The shaker style vanity has a very clean and straight line to the vanity top and sides while providing ample storage space for all your grooming items. The shaker style vanity has solid front and back panels that are also geometric in shape. You can add more storage by adding more panels to the top of the vanity. This design is also popular in the bathroom because you can easily hang your shower curtain from the overhead rod.

The transitional shaker style bathroom vanities allow for a clean and simple look. The shaker style vanity includes one or two sliding doors in the center of the vanity and two doors at either side. These doors provide the same function as the shaker style bathroom vanities but provide a transition from one material to another. Most have two to three drawers for added storage space.

The transitional vanities have an arched top design that is framed by two standard cabinet door panels. This design allows for the doors to open on three drawers while having a smooth opening and closing action. This is a popular choice in contemporary bathrooms because it creates a streamlined appearance and the addition of two doors to the vanity results in more storage space than the traditional vanity with just one door.

The shaker style vanity with two standard cabinet doors and one panel of glass provide plenty of storage space. The mirrored glass on this vanity provides a beautiful design element in the bathroom. A white oak top dresser is also included with this vanity to complete the look. This vanity with two standard cabinet doors and one panel of glass feature a modern design that is also available in black.

Cherry is a popular wood to use in transitional vanities. The dark stain creates a unique appearance that will blend well with any decorating scheme. A matching chrome faucet completes the contemporary look of these vanities. Cherry veneers are available for these vanities and the dark cherry finish provides a unique look. Cherry veneers are also available for the shaker bathroom vanities.

Finding the perfect shaker style vanity is easy. Talk with your bathroom remodeler about your options. They can help you find a shaker style vanity that will be able to work well with your overall design and ideas. They will be able to tell you whether you will want the shaker style vanity with a more contemporary look or a more traditional look. Once you have chosen the vanity, you can shop for it online so that you can get it shipped right to your home.

Ellen Hollington

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