Purchasing Vintage Or Antique Jewellery For Beginners

When purchasing vintage or antique jewellery, it can sometimes be difficult determining whether a gemstone is real or if it is a fake. While we would like to think that anyone selling a vintage diamond ring that has been passed down from generation to generation wouldn’t sell it with a fake diamond gemstone, it can happen and it is becoming more and more common. To avoid purchasing a vintage diamond ring or antique engagement ring with a fake gemstone, you should always buy from a reputable vintage jewellery retailer. This ensures that your diamond gemstone is authentic and that you are getting the best possible value for your money.

Figure 1 Platinum and Diamond Solitaire Ring 1.30 Carats

When you do finally decide to pop the question and you want to purchase an antique engagement ring from a vintage jewellery retailer, there are some terms that you might encounter and they might seem unfamiliar to you. To help you understand these terms and find the perfect vintage diamond ring for that special person, we are going to share some common jewellery terminology with you. Let’s take a look:

Jewellery Cut Terminology And Definitions

Cushion Cut– A multi-faceted cut of stone that looks like a rectangle, or a square with rounded edges.

Diamond Cut– A gemstone that is cut like a brilliant cut stone.

Emerald Cut– A rectangular or a square shaped cut with chamfered corners and stepped facets that are typically parallel to the girdle.

European Cut– Also known as Old Cut. A style of diamond cut that was popular from approximately 1890 to the 1930’s. The cut consists of a round girdle, a smaller table in relation to the diameter of the stone and a larger culet.

Heart Cut– A diamond or stone cut in the shape of a heart – a ‘Fancy – cut’.

Marquise- also known as a navette. An oval shaped gemstone which tapers to a point at both ends.

Pear Cut– A fancy gem cut that resembles the shape of a tear drop, rounded on one end and pointed at the other.

Square Set– A style of stone cutting that resembles an emerald cut.

Trillion Cut– A brilliant-cut gemstone triangular in shape with 44 facets.

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