Proven Methods To Reduce Whiteheads On The Face

Proven Methods To Reduce Whiteheads On The Face

Alike to blackheads, whiteheads are another form of tiny blisters that keep on haunting us, especially on those days when we have either planned an outing or maybe have a party to attend. It ends up feeling distressing when none of the methods seems to succeed in reducing or eliminating those gross-looking whiteheads. By now, maybe you have googled an ample number of times about how to remove whiteheads but could not finalize which one to opt for.

Even though the market is flooded with products that can help you to remove them, there are several effective ways to get rid of them with the help of some home remedies. However, it is completely upon you whether you are willing to use any skin supplement for treating the whiteheads or want to try out some of the natural and effective methods first.

How to Reduce Whiteheads?

Here are some of the best-proven ways to get rid of the whiteheads from your face:

Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

Irrespective of your skin type, it is always recommended to wash your face with a face wash at least twice a day. Along with that, it is highly crucial to scrub your face from time to time.

It will prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells and oils in your skin pores and that will limit the chances of getting whiteheads highly. Scrubbing your face by using the right product and in the proper amount can make your skin a lot softer and glowing.

But do not exfoliate severely just because you read it in a random web result of how to remove whiteheads. Scrubbing too much leads to skin dryness which further forces to generate an extra amount of oil. Lastly, you will start getting whiteheads once again! Just exfoliating your skin twice a week seems to be sufficient for removing the dead skin cells from your face.

Apply Aloe Vera To Keep The Skin Moisturized

There are many benefits of using aloe vera gel on your skin. It does not only fight the bacteria effectively but also does reduce skin infections and swellings. Even though it has not proved to reduce the whiteheads on its own, it did prove to be effective enough when applied with some drops of lemon juice.

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Try Opting For Spot Treatment With Tea Tree Oil

Extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia leaves, tea tree oil is highly potent for treating a number of skincare issues. It has a high antibacterial property and as a result of that, it reduces skin inflammation in no time.

If you are still wondering about how to remove whiteheads, try applying tea tree oil as you will be shocked to find out how effective they are in eliminating whiteheads from your face. However, it needs to be used in the right amount for avoiding any serious side effects, and for that, it is best to dilute it with a carrier oil before applying it to the skin.

Wash Your Hair As Frequently As Possible

When you are trying to reduce the whiteheads, it is not just the skin that needs to be taken care of. Your hair plays a huge role too in causing whiteheads. Upon that, if left untreated for long, the whiteheads start multiplying quite rapidly. That is why it is extremely necessary to wash your hair regularly for cleaning off the extra oil production.

These were some of the easiest home remedies to tackle your whiteheads. However, if you want to find out more about how to remove whiteheads and home-based treatment, you can visit-

It will definitely enlighten you about the treatment and right skincare tactics in more detail!

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