Prom Dresses Los Angeles: Ideals Colors According To Your Skin Tone

Choosing the perfect prom dress will always be an incredible and arduous moment because, among so many colors, styles and models that appear, deciding on only one becomes complicated. And more if it is for an occasion as significant as your prom party. It is a unique day of your school life, the end of one stage and the beginning of another. Explore as much as you can the different prom dresses Los Angeles collections but take into account specific factors. The most important thing to know is the color that splendidly combines with your skin tone, and Jovani, known in the world of fashion for their exceptional designs, has developed some recommendations that you must take into account to choose the right garment.

First, let’s remember that the amount of melanin that each person has determinates the skin tone and it does not change with sun exposure. With this information, here are the tips:

Pale tone

You can quickly recognize if you have clear skin. Your first clue is freckles. If they have an even tone and their color resembles a sheet of paper. If that’s so, your skin color will look radiant with intense and vibrant prom dresses. You will achieve a fantastic contrast with your skin. Accomplish a glamorous look using colors like black or red. Now you know, which hues will give you the award for best dressed.

You can also use a range of strong tones, such as green, blue or gold. You will achieve more strength in your look, and you will be confident and dazzling.

Brown tone

To highlight the warmth of the dark skin and its natural beauty the key is to opt for fashionable dresses in intense colors, especially if your prom party happens during the summer when your skin acquires a golden tone.

The latest trending colors are highly recommended for a woman with this skin tone. Try to wear dark or light blue, black, pink, beige, white or deep red.

Tanned tone

You may have time to achieve the perfect tan or be native from the Middle East. These skins are naturally tanned or circumstantially, especially if you live in Los Angeles. It’s a tone that resembles brown but more subdued. For this type of skin, intense colors also help a lot. Try to choose blue, black white and purple for your prom dress.

At the same time, an intermediate tone will help to complement some features of your face, removing any rough aspect of the garment. Try not to use any pastel tone. That tone will not contrast or balance this kind of skin color. ┬áDon’t fear risk, try them all until you find the one you love.

Dark tone

With this type of skin, it’s easy to see that it has a higher amount of melanin. When we talk about this tone, we should mention that this kind of color doesn’t suffer from any sunburn.

Feel lucky to have this skin tone as it contrasts with most colors. That allows you to use any color of prom dresses, as all of them will look fabulous on you. But, beware of gray and brown. These tones do not subtract or add to your look, so it is advisable to use others.

Now that we know that buying a lovely dress is not only a matter of design but also check the color that goes with your skin tone we will be able to find the gown that highlights our personality and figure. With the help of some guidelines, we can get it right and always favor us. That’s why we recommend that you not be a simple follower of fashion, but focus your attention on finding the clothes that fit well according to your skin tone. Not every trend, compliments you.

Being a fashionable woman does not mean that you are going to wear whatever falls first in your hands, or because you love it when you saw it on European or American catwalks. It’s important that each woman knows what garment suits her, and what color of dress enhances her beauty.

We do not all have common characteristics. We are unique beings in form, color and tastes. Remember that the color of your prom dress should accentuate with your skin and your personality. It is not necessary to be influenced by fashions, just keep them in mind. Always look for a unique design, like the way you are.

Ellen Hollington

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