Prom Dresses: The Importance Of Styling It

There is always the probability that several people who are invited to a meeting that we have can be wearing the same outfit as you. For your prom party, this is less likely to happen since the designs we have are quite varied and unique as you. It doesn’t matter if this is a coincidence or a reality. We won’t let this occur on your special night and especially with your prom dress. Not if Jovani prom dresses are involved.

It was very commented on the case of the three guests that arrived at a show with the same garment that in this case was a yellow dress of spring season – summer 2018 of Tibi. But remember that even if you meet someone with the same dress, you can wear it in many ways and with different accessories. For example in the case of Tibi, you can style it with pleated satin, with long sleeves and on the cuffs, some decorations and a width belt, or with a leather bag as this material is trending in purses fashion.

Keep in mind that the yellow color is a warm tone and is an excellent choice for your prom dress. It provides you with optimism and gives you a happiness that fills every room you go with it. Now the streets of New York, fashion trends capital, tell us how we could use it and the different combinations the most influential fashionistas are creating.

We can also risk using yellow pants with black squares since last spring reigned in the streets and this year will be again, but with a completely renovated style. The Vichy pattern will not be limited to black and white; on the contrary, different colors will invade this trend like the color yellow.

This sunshine color will invade everything in the coming season, so it’s time to be able to acquire more garments in this palette and not be afraid of saturation, flashy or bold since that is what fashion is about, taking risks with tones and trends.

At Fashion Week in New York, we saw different combinations of yellow, setting the influence for this upcoming season and positioning it as the new boom. Street style has proved the dramatic looks you could accomplish with this warm color, and they haven’t stopped surprising us.

We already have enough examples that shows us we can already count on this color to be incorporated into our wardrobe. Try it with shoes, pants, shirts, skirts and sooner than later you will choose your prom dress too in this palette. If you want to stand out, mark a trend and be different from anyone else you will not regret it.

Do not be afraid to use it for any occasion. If it’s not your prom party, you can always in incorporated in your homecoming, winter formal or a particular sweet sixteen. Be prepared to be the star of the party, steal the show and don’t forget to leave everyone with their jaws hanging.

Ellen Hollington

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