Practical Tips For Mindful Eating & Exercising Habits During Quarantine


If you are in self-isolation because of Covid-19, then you unwantedly are spending more time at yor home. However, even while you are full time at home, you should follow some general healthy exercising and eating habits so that you stay fit and physically active during quarantine. Some of the tips for mindful eating and healthy living during quarantine are given below:

Eat A Nourishing And Varied Diet

In simple words, there isn’t any food or supplement that can enhance your immune system or treat Covid-19. But, still if you consume a well-balanced diet rich in fruit and veggies, protein and healthy fat, whole grains and fruits, then you will have essential nutrients in your body needed for good health and better immune system. Because self-isolation makes you less active, you should pay attention to the food portions you are consuming and adjust it according to your requirement.

Have A Routine And Opt For Mindful Eating

It is normal to feel anxious under such pandemic situation. But, it is equally essential to maintain a normal daily routine to help you manage this stress. You should stick to periodic meal hours and plan your meals in advance. It will help you to control your hunger levels and get only essential nutrients in your body and lower food waste.

During the hours of stress, people are seen to eat more than they need. Plus staying more at home also makes your snack out due to boredom. You should go for mindful eating to have a healthy diet and balance your energy consumption.

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Some Of The Tips For Mindful Eating Are Given Below:

  • Don’t eat on the go. Sit and eat.
  • Don’t eat directly from the box or bad. It will give you quantity of how much you are eating.
  • Get rid of distractions. TV, computer and phone don’t give you the idea of how much you are eating while using these devices.
  • Have small bites and chew nicely. 30 chews per bite is recommended.
  • Put down your utensil after every bite and don’t pick it up till you have swallowed it.
  • Don’t eat forcefully. Eat till you feel full.

Keep Yourself Active

As going to gym is not an option anymore, you need to choose different methods to stay active. It is hard to find motivation, but city bikes are an easy way to get yourself some activity. You can enjoy some biking in your house area or go out till neighborhood for a small ride. You can also include dancing, yoga and online exercise classes.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

No matter what age, sex, height you have, keeping yourself hydrated is very important. You can add some refreshing boost to your plain water by adding some slices of lemon, mint leaves, cucumber, oranges and berries. You can also consume unsweetened coffee, or ice tea or flavored water.

Pick Some Healthy Activities

Physical activity is beneficial for your mind and body. One should aim to get a 30-minutes physical activity. Below here are some to stay active during self-quarantine:

  • Buy the best city cruiser bikes for sale for physical activity in your day.
  • Take regular breaks from sitting and stretch your body or walk a little if permitted.
  • You can also buy hybrid bikes for sale online and go for bike rides to have a healthy day out.

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